Arctis nova 3 vs Arctis Pro + GameDAC

Which one schould i choose? Which ones sounds better?
Just for games like PUBG, wows etc.
Price difference is 20$ for now so it is no matter.

Side question, why this set specifically? are you looking for a certain feature?

  1. Surround sound
  2. Appearance and comfort (hidden microphone) and full set Steelseries equipment to manage it from SteelSeries gg.

Thats why i choose these two :slight_smile:

So Three things
First off watch Badseed’s review he’s generally pretty solid when it come to these things

Second - Surround is BS dont even bother with it. There is a reason you wount see any “surround” on great headphones,. A good headphone has imaging and sound stage -that the sense of space and directionalality that surround try to imitate, they just dont charge extra for it

Third, Personally i’d go for something else completely. At 300+ dollars you can get some pretty nutty headphone that will blow any “gaming” headphone out of the water in terms of sound. One of the biggest drawbacks of gaming headphone is they might be “ok” for gaming but they pretty much suck for anything else due to the aggressive tuning

Looking outside the gaming headphone will get you a much better bang for your buck - that way you can get a solid headphone and leave you enough to get a proper mic - a great example is the Beyerdynamic TYGR bundle which is the headphone, which is considered by many to be one of the best competitive headphone out there (without needed an entire setup amp/dac), and you get a great USB mic, which leave you a bit more to buy a fancy arm.

Another possible option is the PC38X, which is half the cost of the NOVA and has a built mic.

Sorry, but thats Bullshit. Surround Sound will create an HRTF Mix from a 5.1 or 7.1 Signal, which can be benefitial for games that dont offer any HRTF output. No matter how big the soundstage and how good the imaging of a headphone is, if the source is a stereo mix without any kind of hrtf, it simply cant recreate the proper location of the sound, because it isnt the source signal.

You´re right tho to not buy a headset/headphone because of the bundled surround sound. Surround Sound is perfectly doable with software, and there enough software solution out there which work with any headphone (Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, HeSuvi, Steelseries GG…)

Your right i wasnt clear enough
There is a huge difference between actual surround that is properly mixed, and tuned.
My issue is the 5.1/7 sticker you see on 99% of headphones (especially gaming headphone) which is BS IMO, if the software side done right, im all for it.