Are any of Koss' over-ear headphones any good?

I’m looking for some inexpensive headphones that can be plugged into an iPad and turned up VERY loud (she’s very deaf) so she can listen to some instrumental music when she goes to bed and help her fall asleep.

I was going to send my NAD HP50’s over as I haven’t used them in a looong time, but putting them on one more time before shipping them, I realized that my ear has more training than when I tried them first and despite being ‘closed back’, I actually enjoyed the sound.

so…now to find something else.


not sure about the koss part (I have heard their closed back stuff is meh at best but wait for others to comment) but what I do know is that if you want LOUD, what you want is a low impedance headphone (low ohm number, below 100 for sure and around 32ish is great) and possibly a portable headphone amplifier if she can’t hear it well enough. Just be sure to not damage what little hearing she has left, bone conduction “headphones” may be a better answer.

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yep…will wait for more thoughts.

my grams lives with my parents and my mom is worried that because she’s so hard of hearing that headphones won’t be able to get loud enough to hear. my concern is that they can get loud enough, but will be distorting so badly that what she hears will be a bad experience.

bone conduction is an interesting idea though. any suggestions for inexpensive one’s to try out for a test of theory?

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I have no experience with them, I have heard good things however. These seem to be well rated vs many cheaper and more expensive ones on amazon;

AmazonSmile: AfterShokz OpenMove Wireless Bone Conduction Open-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Includes Sticker Pack: Electronics

I got a pair of aftershokz A few years back and barely used them. Still have them laying around and would be willing to send them off for $20 plus the shipping. Looks like you might be in Canada, but still probably cheaper than new off amazon. If interested I’d be happy to help

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There may be a fitement issue when she lays down though as they are meant to be used when standing, and the cord on the back may push them out of alignment. They may be good for other use cases but probably not sleeping. Give that 20 dollar set a try tho, yolo

Yeah standing or sitting up and they would be fine, but laying down might be an issue. The wrap around portion can be angles down to sit more above the shoulders and not directly on the back of the head, but affects sound a little bit if I remember. I can do some testing out later if you want

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i can testify to the after shocks sound quality. get the mini version, or whatever the smaller one is, if she has a small head. the “standard” size one is a fairly large and will get knocked off sleep easy moving your head. the smaller one has like 2" less or something on the back end band(that connects the 2 speakers)

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