Are any of the Dekoni Choice Leather pads compatible with Creative Aurvana Live! ? (SRH 440, M50x pads)

Hi, I am looking for replacement pads for CAL! that will give me a little bit more space for my ears. Does anyone have any experience with successfully mounting Dekoni Choice Leather Pads on CALSs? These dedicated for Shure SRH series and Audio-Technica M50x seem to have proper dimensions for that - I have seen all three: CAL!, SRH 440 and M50x with Brainwavz HM5 pads mounted on Brainwavz’s website so I assume those 3 headphones have very similar pad dimensions.

I’ve pad swapped the f out of the cal! and these are definitely the best balance I’ve found of good sound and comfort(get protein leather or sheepskin):

They’re still a bit small if you need a lot more space though, also I thiink you can find them on amazon if you can’t or don’t want to buy from ali but they’re like double the price, I’ve tried brainwavz, they mess up the sound imo, dekoni is ridiculously expensive, you can make a collection from aliexpress for the price of a pair.

And then these are the absolute best I’ve found comfort wise, that still don’t ruin the sound, just not as good as the others (the non perforated ones):

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