Are Ikko OH10 still relevant?

Ok so I’ve been using Astro A50s for a while now, like 2-3 years and I’m looking for a replacement. Had been looking into headphones but actually fuck those, i like Earbuds/IEMs better.
After looking for some IEMs, I’m deciding between Ikko OH10 and maybe Legacy 4-3(Open to Recommendations, Max Budget is $200). I listen to bassy music like Rap and also like Rock quite a bit. Ill also game with these, the games are R6, Valorant so mostly shooters.

I don’t know much about audio, I’ve been having a guy help me, he knows a lot about this and said Ikko oh10 so Im here just to double check if there are any better options. If I missed any crucial info for recommendations, feel free to ask in comments. :grinning:

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Yes, they are… but they’re such a finicky set for your ears. They’re HEAVY. I think folks who have larger ears and aren’t sensitive to the weight wouldn’t mind. For me, they were just too unwieldy and eventually just started falling out of my ears due to the weight.

I’d more recommend Fiio FH3s. Far superior sound quality, cheaper, better fit for most people, and more far more bass. The width of the soundstage isn’t as good, but the imaging is far superior and I think that makes up for it. More budget focused IEMs will never have the soundstage of proper headphones, but they can beat them in imaging by miles.

(Soundstage being the idea of distance around you, imaging being the pin-point focus of where things are)

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Hmmmmm. Ok, I’ll probably go with OH10s but get them on Amazon so I can return them :slight_smile: . If they are not comfortable for me I’ll get FH3s like you said. Abd maybe for your problem what eartip were you using?

I tipped rolled through the box of tips I have and even the grippiest, deepest tips couldn’t keep them in.

The problem is that they’re tall and heavy throughout the body, so no matter what they’d start tilting out and pry the tips out from my ears. I even swapped cables to a very conforming cable to my ear and they’d nearly dangle.

But other folks find them super comfy though. I could see if that if they didn’t like to pry out of my ears–aside from the weight, the shell’s shape is fantastic. Maybe the OH1s would be better for me, but the FH3 sounds so phenomenal it’s hard to to justify. FH3 is already better than OH10s, so OH1s would be worse for the same price.

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I have them and I like them quite a bit. They are a bit heavy, but I use them for bedside listening since I like their isolation (wife can’t hear it, even if I am playing them pretty loud). Good soundstage and bass for their price tier IEM.

I haven’t run through a lot of IEMs, but I like them quite a bit more than my FiiO’s (I forget the product number, but its not the FH3). I kind of like the weight of the Ikko Ohios (that is what I call them) considering I’m not walking around with them.

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I would recommend you to try out some aftermarket eartips, with stock tips it’s very hard to get a good comfort or sound. Ikko OH10s are better than fh3 everywhere that i go so idk man.

thanks for the recommendation tho.

Err, if this is meant to reply to me, I have tried a wide variety of aftermarket tips… I literally have a several boxes filled with them. Nothing worked for me. Again, for me. Other folks love them.

Right now I have both the Fiio FH3 and Ikko OH10s sitting in front of me. FH3 has them beat in bass, clarity, and imaging hands down. OH10s have more soundstage, but I’d compare that with Blon 03 with Spinfits. What OH10s have going for them, outside of soundstage, is vocals–they completely rock that. But it can add some haze to rest of the sound, and some sibilance in some songs.

I’m not trying to steer you away from OH10s. Go ahead and give them a shot–I did–and see if you like them. I just found FH3s to completely dominate–I’ve got a cable and some different tips for them in the mail.


Good to hear, thanks for commenting :slight_smile:

Yeah, i was gonna get them on aliexpress but i actually gonna get them on amazon just in case I have the same problem as you. Thanks for the chat tho, really appreciate the help.

Oh also @KeroseneSlickback what do you use your FH3 for? Do you use them on your pc also? Cuz I’m playing on getting some iems for desktop use and mobile use.

I use them for everything that I’m the mood for, although I’ll switch things up throughout my collection. FH3s are pretty much my go-to right now outside my Fostex T50RPs.

I run everything between either my xDuoo 05 Basic from my PC or my phone. FH3s are very sensitive so with lower quality sources there might be hiss. I get a touch from my phone. OH10s aren’t as sensitive, but same hiss.

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OH10 has the most sub bass, still imo. FH3 is better overall due to size, weight, and sound. Less upper mid shout with more detail across the board puts it in the lead. For a fun signature it would be my go to. Mmcx connectors are always not as good in my book as well… /shrug

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well dawg im not looking for fun stuff, I want a daily driver yk what i mean

They are balanced fun, I should preface. They are not a studio monitor sound tho. Particularly due to the bass emphasis. I daily Sony EX800STs. They are great, but require work. I feel the FH3 would be a pick of mine for those that don’t know what they want or don’t have an exotic taste. Nothing bad with that, but they are forever a bridesmaid for me and not the bride…

EDIT: I gave my FH3 to my brother and he loves them. They are similar to the OH10 which he also likes. He is floored by the BL03 as well so he was picking up on what I liked in the balanced fun sound of those too. So do not feel like fun is not a good sig to chase as it is Amazing! I’m just eccentric and like weird stuff too LOL.


If anyone struggles with the weight of the OH10’s then don’t even look at getting a pair of Z1R’s lol

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