Are OKCSC headphones any good? (Neat looking Chinese Grados)

Anyone know anything about OKCSC? It’s a Chinese company I found on Amazon selling some Grado- esque cans for ~$60, but they also sell what looks like unbranded SIVGAs too (as well as listing various other oddball cans, generic bluetooth earbuds, IEM cables, and even some KZ IEMs). Obviously this is a company distributing Chinese headphones, but someone reviewed their M1 DIYs saying they sounded pretty good, anyone have any experience with these?

I’m sure, as with nearly all cheap chinese brands, they will sound ok for just generic listening but fall well short durring any level of critical listening or analysis. Just depends on what you expect from them

Those ones you linked as “oddball” do look kinda interesting, I wouldn’t expect great sound out of them, but that’s actually a neat design that isn’t (to my knowledge) a blatant rip off of a more prestigious or well known manufacturer.