Are the Monoprice 1060's not a worthy upgrade from the Hifiman HE 4XX

So I just got told by THE JOSHUA VALOUR that the 1060’s are more of a side step from the 4XX’s.
Any credence to that?

Haven’t had a chance to listen to them, but judging by how much Z hyped them I figured they would be a noticeable upgrade from the 4XX’s. There’s nothing I particularly dislike about the 4XX, in fact I find myself using them more than my 7XX and 6XX, so I’ve been wondering what a “better” (more expensive) set of planars can do.

I’m not really interested in doing any major mods, besides pad swapping so I guess I wouldn’t want to do the phasor mod thing.

Also I’ve been considering the T60 RP’s.

Which do you guys prefer? I would like to stay at the $300 price range, definitely under 400

Oooh also I just heard about the Thieaudio Phantom for 350 on the Linsoul website, any chance you guys have heard those too?

I would agree with Josh on that. I have owned both and would say they are different in terms of sound signature but similar in terms of resolution and sound quality. M1060 has some quirks that bothered me but they are great headphones.

If you’re Thinking about T60 then you should also consider Argon. From what I’ve hear, these will be a definite upgrade but but an amp is required. I have an Argon on order so fingers crossed they live up to the hype.

I just bought a set of Argons a few days ago and was honestly not impressed. Not sure if that’s because I was comparing them to a set of ZMF Ori or not. They just didn’t sound as good as I remembered the t60 sounding, and no where close to the Ori(well for the price I would hope so). I know I really liked my t60s, and now they can be sent in for an argon mod in the future if you want, I’ve read that they have much better control and tonality than their t50 brothers. I might get a set of them in the future but I’m not a fan of 2 month wait times

lol, when you hear endgame sound, it’s really hard to go back to something lesser. I was corrupted by the HE-1000 v2’s a couple years back. well…sorta corrupted. I have my Stax that keep me balanced and happy :wink:

I don’t own the m1060. But I had the he4xx and sold it to buy the Sundara. Some people said that it was an upgrade from the he4xx ( Joshua valour said they weren’t an upgrade).

After a week of daily using my Sundara I was disappointed. It’s not an upgrade. They have smaller soundstage, the sound is not as thin as the he4xx ( more like a planar/dynamic hybrid), the sounds comes like a dynamic driver not as a tall wall sound like the he4xx and they have a peak in the treble that bothers me more than the he4xx does. The Sundara is more forward and intimate, have more detail. The Sundara is an excellent headphone the detail and sound is really good but for my personal preference i can’t use them for more than 30min.

Joshua may be right with this comparison.

Do you currently have anything besides 4XX? For $200-$300, the quality doesn’t go up much higher than 4XX, but there are a lot of different flavors out there to try. Only speaking from my collection, 6XX, Dekoni Blue, and DT770 are all different enough from 4XX while maintaining a similar quality that they’re fun to swap out for different genres.

For $200-$300 most you can do is find something different as their aren’t really any upgrades at that price point. As the Headphones themselve are already really good value

I also have the 6XX and 7XX, since I like the 4’s better I wanted to chase more of that planar sound.

Another set that comes to mind is either the Aeon flow closed or open. They can be had around 400 used which I think is a steal. I had the AFC and I enjoyed them, they are the most comfortable set of headphones I’ve ever had. I will say that the closed had a problem with the vocal range being a bit recessed, not sure about the opens.

You could also try the ZMF classics. They are supposed to be the best of the lower end t50 mods if you have the amp for them

Heard a reviewer say, recently, that even the HD58Xs were an upgrade from the 4XXs. I don’t remember who.

Sundaras are neutral AF according to the frequency response graphs, but Tyll found them a tad treble-y. The CSD waterfall shows a lot of weird treble peaks (sounds not stopping fast after being played), this could be why.

Maybe avoid neutral headphones now, to be sure, and go for warmer ones like HD58Xs, for example.
(HD58X, Green, vs HD600’s)

Also, T60RPs might be more of the same treble problems. I’d get T50RPs instead (yes, it’s possible to keep them stock… lol).

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I bought the hd58x not my type :slight_smile: . I have dt880 and dt990. My favorite and daily driver is the dt880.

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I am also interested in those 2 and the modhouse argons. I wil buy them and try them. I prefer to try headphones ( i also read reviews and watch youtube reviews). for me the experience to have them and hear makes it worth it.


Wow thank you for the graphs and the feedback. I was definitely looking for something warm sounding as well, but wasn’t sure where to mention it. I was hoping the T60’s were on the warmer side cuz I love how those wood cups look

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Now I’m thinking of trying out the T60’s and if I’m not too happy just send them over to modhouse for the mod

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They’re closed back and have a 100hz bump, so they might sound neutral. I wouldn’t bet on “warm sound” with planars with a 10khz bump.

Aren’t T60RPs just modded (over-the-top) T50RP mk3s? Wouldn’t it be like modding a mod? Heh.

Idk brosky, but he’s doing them. There’s a T60RP Argon page on the website

iirc they are fostex modding their own set of headphones, they might have changed some things but I believe the drivers are the same. There are a pair of t60 Argons for sale on r/AVexchange, I only know of 2 pairs due to the wait time being so long