Are the new LG Vxx good as DAP's too?

the V70 is coming…so I’m referring to the current V60, V50 and V40 as we do know the V30 and V20 are good as one.

They all use a relatively similar dac (some use the same dac) and similar amps, so they mostly all sound the same from my experience (haven’t heard the v60 or v70 though)


Dang they’re up to v70 now? Loved my v20 back in the day


I wonder how long it will take the V60 to come down in price. it’s a 6.8" screen…and I like phablets!

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They’re still huge huh? Stopped following new phones right about when i got into audio. The v20 was a monster.


yup. it seems phablets are becoming popular again. LG is the only one with a premium model that big…most top out at 6.4" or 6.5", but OnePlus, Xaomi and Samsung all have mid-level models that size.

I love my V30 and as my out and about DAP. It is almost two and a half years old now. When it does finally break or slow down, I will get another LG VXX.
The Samsung is a better phone, but these are far better music players.

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how do they compare vs a portable DAC/Amp?

Pretty damn close I think. My DAP has more power, but the phone comes out pretty close. I used to run my Samsung phones and an iPod Classic. Things sounded just fine. Then I got a Sony NWZ-A17 and things started to sound much better. Then I got an LG V30 and things took another step up. Then I went up to a Sony NW-ZX300 and I was VERY happy.
But if I am out and about, or having a lunch at work, the LG V30 and the Meze 99 Classic’s (which take almost NO power to run) make me think I have a high end headphone system wherever I am.

I need and want both. The DAP is much better music wise, but the phone is a lot more useful.

PS: My DAP never leaves home.

I just use my V20. i put a 256 gig card in it and put a lot of my ripped CD’s in flac on it. i also use amazon ultra HD and Qobuz. they sound pretty good. especially with phones that dont have a high impendance. but if the volume isnt enough i just use a dongle with it. i havnt tried a DAP so not sure how they compare but the sound is pretty excellent on mine.

B&H are having a sale right now on the V40 for 300$ though someone pointed out you can get them for 200 on ebay.

yeah tbh, depending on the price bracket i recommend getting a cheap samsung phone like the a10 and a amp/dac because the LG phones can mainly power borderline high impedence headphones like the koss ksc75 and senheisers 58x very properly. but anything with slightly higher power requirements while getting to good volumes is not at it’s full potential. would be cool if they work on a extra thick phone and make something that can power more powerhungry stuff

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The “THICC Edition”… I’d pay money for that. More money if it can be used as a bludgeoning device in a pinch lmao!

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tfw you still have a V35

But if you’re going to use a DAC dongle there’s no need to use a special phone like the LG V series, isn’t it? Any would do.

Idk, the quad dac on the V series phones sound really nice. i would only use a dongle for amplification. but most of the time i dont think you need a dongle at all