Are the PSB Alpha B1's still a good buy?

blast from the past! bookshelf speakers that were very popular in the mid-2000’s and went for about $280 USD, according to an archived page I found on a reseller from 2006. someone has a pair locally for $80 CAD with one of the having a dent in the top left corner. I’m looking for something to put in my room to help sleep at night as headphones / IEM’s just don’t work. I can’t relax* with them on or in my head.

*funny that I have no problem with that sitting in a comfortable chair where I will even doze off!

the neumi bs5 i found to be a pretty good speaker at low volumes (have a pair of the bluetooth ones in my shed) and they’re like $110 in freedom bucks (don’t know about canuck bucks)

for a little cheaper the b652 air i found was actually pretty nice at low volume and actually up against a wall like actually in a bookshelf. not too boomy which might be nice for sleeping too. they get a little peaky at loud volume but at low volume they actually hold clarity together really well with that little amt driver (for a $65 speaker especially) and the 452s i think is pretty much the same thing but cheaper so i’d assume the same applies but i haven’t actually heard those ones.

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I have a small bedroom…11’ deep by 9.5’ wide. part of that space, about 4.5’ x 2.5’ was closed in for a closet. the house is from the 70’s, so I have that 6" deep lip that comes from the foundation. the measurements are to the walls above them, so my physical floor space is 10.5’ x 9’ while the airspace is the 11’ x 9.5’. the short wall with the closet has 3x L-bracket shelves that are about 5’ wide by 12" deep. the long wall has my desk that basically goes from the upper left corner (that notch is a lil cabinet for the water main access on the bottom half of the wall; as high as the foundation lip). the upper right corner is where the electric panel is, so nothing can go in that corner as that would block opening the door to it. my twin bed goes down the short wall to about a ft from the closet, just enough space to open it’s sliding door.

so my thoughts are…

if I leave the room as is, mount a speaker in the wall / celling corners on the closet side with them being tilted / canted so they focus where my head would be on my pillows. alternatively, if I take the desk out, I could center the head of my bed against the short wall and mount a speaker in the upper left and the lower left. I’m just not certain that orientation would maximize the use of what little space I have.

oh, not that it matters a whole lot, but that space between the door jamb and closet wall? that’s 28" long and where my dresser lives.

am I over thinking this? :face_with_monocle: :thinking: :face_with_monocle:

i bet if you set them up in a nice 2 channel for desk nearfield listening it would carry over decently well to the room. i’m definitely not an expert on accoustics though but it could serve a dual purpose that way.

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