Are there 4.4mm balanced cables for the HyperX Cloud Orbit?

subject title asks it all.

something like that available to use with a iFi Zen?

Pretty sure its not wired to be balanced -i havent come across any gaming headsets that can run balanced
Also the only headphones i know that can run balanced with a single cable are Fostex like T20/40/50/60 RP

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Many of Sennheiser HD500 line, some Sony’s like the MDR-1AM2, Hifiman Deva…

myspheres, beyer 177x go, some akg as well. But yes the hyperx can’t be balanced unless you want to rewire the headphone internally to support that and swap out the connector, or mod them to have a jack on each cup (or direct wire to the driver on each side), which really likely isn’t worthwhile for a hyperx

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Yep this ^.

That headphone has its own amp in the cups too

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thanks all…I suspected that was the case and your answers proved.