Are there good budget headphones for competitive gaming?

I’m gonna use them for fps gaming. But I was wondering, are there good budget headphones? My price range is arround between $75 - $100. I’ve heard that 600 ohm headphones are good for competitive gaming.

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The standard 600 Ohm recommendation is the DT880 600 Ohm. I got a used pair for $100, but new they are $200. Anything 600ohm will need the right amp: higher voltage and decent power delivery (300mW - 500mW) at 600 Ohm. These will not do well on a weak amp or PC motherboard. I’ve not gamed on these, but for music listening they are very enjoyable (again, with the right amp).

tsym! ill try to find a used pair!

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is the dt 770 pro also good, ik it doesnt has a 250 ohm, but is it still good for competitive gaming? just wondering

To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t do much gaming. Someone else will have to comment on that. As far as listening to music, I’ve had both the 250Ohm and 80Ohm version of the dt770, and I prefer the 80Ohm. I found the 250Ohm version to be very bright and hard to listen to for extended periods. The 80Ohm is more laid back. DEFINITELY V-shaped.

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all versions of the 770 are pretty good for gaming its just what you need beyond that get pretty bad. sub 250 ohm. new headphones within budget that are good for gaming are the takstar pro 82, shp 9500s , AD 500x, and i guess ill throw the akg k240 in the mix

thanks! i might get the dt 770, found a good used deal for one

I see no mention of an amp here… so I will throw that issue in here. Beyers more than likely need an amp to be driven. 770 is fine with 250 ohm being at its subjectively best. 80 ohms is passable but bassier and can cause some issues… less than that in the ohms and you lose quite a lot of sound quality

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not a traditional over ear headphone but too good to not mention.

KSC75’S with Yaxi pads. Super cheap, bass light so it won’t get in the way of those precious foot steps and amazing imaging, you can stretch the over ear steel and can be super comfy.