Are there good wireless closed back headphone?

I know there are some pretty good open back ones, but I’m looking for closed back that sound good and hopefully have good noise isolation.

my work office is in the living room and it can get pretty noisy in the morning when all the grand kids come down to watch shows and eat breakfast, etc. I honestly don’;t know how many more times I can take baby shark, itsybitsyspider or down by the bay before I snap and grandbrats die. :wink:

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No pent up aggression what so ever eh? :smiley:

Question are you looking for ANC or just straight up noise isolation or what ever makes things be quiet

Personally i like the Sony option the best, ANC is stellar and the over sound profile is fine (nothing too stellar) i own the MX3 but i have tried the MX5 rather extensively and they are also pretty damn good.

BTW I would also look into IEMs + a wireless adapter, if you get a good seal its basically earplugs. I personally use the Moondrop Starfields (with spinfits) + FIIO TWS3, it gets me through more of my errands with having to listening to a single person :smiley:

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noise isolation more than ANC as I want to maintain audio quality…and I still need to be aware of my environment for door knocks and such. I want wireless as it gives me more mobility which would be kinda nice.

they don’t need a built in mic as the mic on my Logitech Brio 4K seems to be really good, nobody has ever complained in the 2 years I’ve been using it with Teams.

edit - three grandkids…I’ve a lot of babyshark…non-stop for the last 5 years. I said it with a hint of humor though, LoL! :wink:

Might be worth waiting for more in depth reviews on the Focal Bathys :+1:


true…but I don’t need ANC or the premium it comes with.

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I got 3 nephews i get it :smiley:

Anyway what about something like a BTR5 + some headphone? or are you more into total wireless-ness

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I wouldn’t be against something like a portable Bt amp…just have to make sure it’s in a spot so it won’t snag on the office chair arms and jazz. I’m a fat bastard so stuff loves to swing way out :stuck_out_tongue:

There are good open-back wireless headphones? Which ones, other than the HiFiMan Ananda and Deva?

If ANC is your primary focus, then Sony or Bose should be the choice. If sound is your primary focus, I really like the AKG N700NCM2 or the Sennheiser PXC 550-II. Both are less than $200.

Focal just released its first wireless can, the Bathys. I’ve read very good reviews about sound quality, but $800 for a wireless Bluetooth can is too rich for my blood. I’d rather save that dosh for a wired headphone.

the Grado GW100…the headphone that brought us the Hemp when it’s tuning proved to be so popular.

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A closed back headphones is a type of headphones that completely covers your ear. This design helps to block out outside noise and keep the sound focused on the person wearing the headphones. Closed back headphones are typically used in recording studios and for listening to music.

Also, closed back headphones tend to have a more bass-heavy sound than other types of headphones. This is because the closed design helps to trap the low frequencies and produce a more pronounced bass response.

Here are my best 5 picks-

  1. LyxPro HAS-10 Over Ear Closed Back Headphones
  2. Tascam TH-MX2 Studio Mixing Closed-Back Headphones
  3. MAONO 50MM Drivers Studio Headphones
    Find more sugestion and read review here - Best Closed Back Headphones 2022

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