Are these used CD900st worth buying?

Hi guys I just wanted to ask you guys if you think these CD900st are worth picking up for the equivalent of $60-$65. As you can see from the pictures, they’re in really rough shape. The owner told me that the part where the headband attaches to the cups broke so he just screwed them on. I also believe he changed the stock cable. Thanks in advanced

Keep it, because I think it is rare to get some CD900sts from what I have heard. These things iirc are only available in Japan and you rarely get some of those in your country I think, hell I cannot even get that here and I am near to Japan. Also, a bit of fixing and tweaking can fix some bad bits of it and the sounds, I think they are very good. So yeah, I would save it if I were you but it’s all up to you if want to keep it or not.

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My bad I probably phrased it wrong, I was wondering if they were worth buying at 3000 PHP or approximately 60 USD. I was shopping around and found that I can get a brand new set shipped to me for around 8500 PHP or 190 USD, thanks for the reply by the way, I really appreciate the input!

Well for that price, I think it’s worth it but do be careful around sellers that sells stuff that seems to be too good to be true for I had been there and learned the hard way and it sucks. But that one being sold for the price it’s good enough I mean you can save more cash, and spend less money on fixing the problems of that used one, though if I am buying a used one I make sure it’s all in good condition because buying a used one that has too many broken properties is a no bueno in my book.

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