Are they really all good?

I don’t recall reading any reviews or feedback stating that some piece of equipment sucks. Is it really possible that everything on the market (minus the fleemarket stuff) is good? This is statistically impossible.

Some gear is pretty garbage, but people only tend to review gear that is in the public eye because reviews know that people will read/watch their reviews. Gear tends to be in the public eye because it is at least decent or unique and has something to say about it.

Everybody hears differently… What is garbage to one may be gold to another…

That depends on the place.

At Audiosciencereview, most people hate everything that measures bad. It’s their opinion which actually makes sense to some point.

Zeos hates Sennheiser 569, HD630VB, Creative products (I guess), and other stuff.

People here tend to be positive and like almost everything.

No. It’s just that the reviews you are reading from are doing it as a job. It’s a business, so it is treated like a business.

I myself had some bad products in my hands, for that reason I just didn’t review them. This might be something other people are doing. If I don’t have any motivation to listen to the device, why in the world would I waste my time for a product I don’t like? I rather invest my passion into products that I am passionate about and that excite me.

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I have owned products that others loved and I found them really bad… I have also experienced the opposite. Just my 3 cents. YOU have to hear it yourself before you can come to a conclusion as to whether something is good or bad…

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Well, if you are not talking about cheap stuff (say under $100.00), I think that everything is pretty good. Much like the auto industry, you may not like, at all, some cars. But they are all at least good quality.

There is LOTS of stuff that I don’t like, but not because it is crap. I just don’t care for the sound, or the operation or the looks.

It may be different with some “off the wall” stuff, or products from small operators, etc. but the mainstream is all pretty good, IMO.

It also depends to ones concept of “good” =)

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I tend to look at reviews for how they describe the items sound and build quality. Understanding that people have preferences and preferences will very greatly among the population. So as long as I feel I can trust their description, whether I like it or not it’s up to me.

Example most people that I’ve seen review the Beyer 177X loved them. I couldn’t take them off my ears fast enough and no amount of modding improved their overwhelmingly piercing highs.

Exactly how I feel. If it is bad it doesnt deserve a review.

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To the original question – interesting that’s been your experience. On YT and going from memory, try the following:

  • Tyll’s review of the original Beats by Dre Solo
  • Zeos’ review of the M50X
  • Resolve’s review of the DT 1990
  • Wheezy’s original review of the K371
  • Josh’s review of the HD 800 or (HD 800S?)
  • Anyone’s review of the HD 820, lol.

That’s just for starters, but I certainly do see the preponderance leaning well toward favourables. On top of Voja’s point about reviewers not wanting to endure an unpleasant product, there’s also the honeymoon effect. Reviewers, like anyone, tend to fall in love with a product they like for the first few weeks/months, only noticing the product’s flaws well after that. Metal571 did that several times (LCD1, K371 for example).


Especially if the product is expensive :wink:
Oh God, do they love some good free expensive cans. If only more people could look at these “things” as tools for listening to music without a price tag…

Will do thanks :+1:

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Very true. And in relation to other comments I have fallen in love with many products for hours, days and weeks. Then a month or two later I am selling said product, at a loss of course.

The honeymoon period is very fickle.

To this point, most of my purchases have been failures. However, they have shaped my musical preferences. :smile:

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don’t forget his review on the T90 where the dude literally is hitting shots of liquor due to just how much he “enjoys” it lmfao oh and pm-50 where he puts that headphone practically on blast.

hobby is super subjective and opinion based… we all hear things different.

Oh, there is some stuff that sucks so bad!

The cheaper audiointerfaces that get recommended a lot are just “good” because of the price. They are actuall pretty meh due to compromises at the price.

There are some mediocre headphones out there that nobody even considers reviewing (Behringer headphones, :upside_down_face: )

And there are some pieces of kit that just have good numbers, but don’t sound all that impressive.

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the vast majority of reviewers will not post negative reviews. they want free stuff to keep reviewing. you don’t get free stuff by being the neggy nally.

that’s one of the reasons @ZeosPantera rocks. he will trash a product if it sucks.

edit: and i know i contradicted myself a little there. but zeos is an exception because he sells. stuff sells out instantly he endorses. have not seen literally any other reviewer do that.