Are we still in love with Andromeda, or have we all moved on to ChiFi?

A few years ago Z, DMS, et al gave super glowing reviews of the Andro. There was a consensus around them being a) worth every penny and b) being the kings of IEMs, with better IEMs existing but costing significantly more.

But lately everyone’s raving about ChiFi releases, especially at the $600 price point and above.

Are we done with Andros?

from what I’ve heard most people that liked them still think they are good but outdated
chifi companies have been competing even with themselves lately leading to a lot of great performance per dollar improvements


They are still good, but a bit outdated. Personally, I’ve moved on to the custom version, the Solstice.

You can get pretty good deals on secondhand pre-2020 Andros. I’ve tried a reasonable amount of ChiFi and still think Andros tends to beat most stuff on detail, and I don’t mind BA timbre.

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I think the IEM market moves so fast, anything over 12 months needs to be viewed as dated.

Today most people would put some version of MEST, EJ07, and Monarch, toward the top of their list. In a year we could be on MKIV versions of each in a year, or they could be gone, who knows. A third of the IEMs we talk about now will be discontinued, another third will be on the next revision, and the other third will still be around.


Both of these statements are very true :slight_smile:

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have a crap ton of chi fi IEMs then I bought Andro 2020s… Done. To me they are it.

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On what I am seeing right now is this, I might be right or wrong, if I am wrong about my observation please correct me. This is what I am seeing, due to the given fact that we have more access and luxury to such things like the advancement of technology and science, therefore new discoveries and the speed of developing new technologies along with the aspect of research and development contributing to those two have given the people who were less fortunate to those things back then, finally an access.

Meaning in China or even from any parts of the world, just a single guy from his/her room just suddenly gets an idea to create his own IEM/Headphone brand and a bit of commitment to do so, will have us as the consumers suddenly trying those out and be just mindblown and said “I cannot believe this X brand beaten my more expensive X brand IEMs!” Of course that is not always the case cough KZ cough.

Overall though, if you love the Andromeda still despite advancements of Chi-Fi or brands on the affordable side, unknown but the performance is among the upper echelons, then no, not all people have moved to Chi-Fi and I don’t want to be inside of a Chi-Fi Echo chamber, for I want more access to other brands as well.

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