Are you distracted by gear?

Here’s the question: Do you feel you get distracted by gear / consumerism?

Hear me out.

I feel like I research new gear with the best of intentions–meaning when I set out to get a new piece of gear, it is so I can enjoy another aspect of a hobby I enjoy. These hobbies include:

-audio / listening to music
-photo and video creation

Here’s what happens. I think something like, “Oh, I want to be able to take a photo like that.” So, I research it, how to do it, what kind of lens would be good, etc. Or, I think, “I’d like to get a little bit more soundstage when I’m listening to X,” and again, research begins.

The problem I seem to have, is that some where along the way I end up getting so distracted by the research and gear itself, that I end up not spending near as much time doing the actual activity that I set out to do. Instead, I’m watching / reading reviews of gear that I really don’t need to do and enjoy my chosen activity.

I’m just wondering how / why I get into these consumer cycles. Does this happen to you? Do you have strategies to avoid it?

I’m just thinking at this point, I have all the gear I need to thoroughly enjoy each of the hobbies I’ve listed. Whenever I feel the urge to watch a camera review, I just need to go take photos of something. Whenever I feel the need to watch a headphone review, I should probably just put on a couple of songs.

What do you guys think?


I feel I used to be when new gear kept coming out and I always felt the need to be in the know wanting to try new shit forgetting to appreciate what I already had. Thankfully for the pandy and my lack of desire to upgrade due to me spending cash on other hobbies of mine. I’ve really sat down and just listened with no desire or thought of upgrading to something better or trying something else. I think I’ve reached just pure satisfaction with my gear currently


10c limit

Pandemic sorry just a colloquialism

I’ve definitely felt this. I have to break the cycle sometimes because I get to a point where I’m constantly in research mode. I’ve come to realize that usually the reason I’m researching “upgrades” is because I’m bored, not because I’m dissatisfied with the gear I own. It’s a strange thing. In a way the gear is the hobby. I think when people say they are all about the music, they are kidding themselves. If you are a regular on HiFi Guides then it’s probably not just about the music for you. The gear is at least half the fun. I just have to learn to enjoy what I have more instead of always chasing the next thing.


I think to an extent yes. It’s like i used to watch videos about phones too. And before that about cameras. Why am i watching TV about the newest products for entertainment when we used to try to AVOID commercials WTF. It’s like they managed to come up with their own ways to still trap us into loving the consumption of their shit. I actually noticed this maybe a few months ago and since then I try not to watch the videos about that shit. Unless I plan on buying something like new speakers and am trying to seriously do research but otherwise why should I bee looking at that stuff?? That shit is just a glorified commercial, i mean the companies basically have these you tubers do their biding as these you tubers are wannabe film creators and they try their best to have the coolest looking shot anyways

Cycles of interest is what I like to think of it as, every few years I find a new desire, skill, hobby, career, interest, or whatever and fully indulge myself from A-Z.
It’s the same for everything I do for me, there is no real in-between, I master a craft to a certain proficiency and at some point my interest will change and I’ll move onto something else. I still participate and enjoy skills/hobbies I took an interest to decades ago, just with a little less enthusiasm and dedication.
I’ve also always been a hands on gear/equipment oriented individual so my interests tend to gravitate more to that aspect naturally. Many folks are similar, there’s nothing wrong with investing yourself into one aspect of a project more than another. We all have proficiency’s and interest levels that vary. Happy listening always and remember to have fun, don’t sweat the small stuff bigger worries will inevitably arise enjoy the fun stuff while you can. :+1:


This sounds like me 100%. It’s become a bit of a joke in my house. When I start to get interested in something then buckle up!

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To all the girls I’ve loved before - Willie Nelson

I think that’s part of learning, growing, not becoming stagnant in our lives. Enjoy it.

As long as it’s about the learning and not about the consumerism or collection of gear. I actually passing on something I’ve gotten along the way and handing it off to someone that will hopefully start on their own journey.


It can be about both!

I’ve found about a dozen artists this year through the forum that I would not have come across before. I also just agreed to buy a DAC that I didn’t “need” but that I would love to migrate, upgrade into. Yeah I’ll have to sell my current DAC but I enjoy that aspect of the hobby as well.

Win/win in my opinion!

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Agreed! I don’t think we should kid ourselves into thinking we are only about the music when the truth is we really like gear and music. I’ve found a lot of music this past year through the community here also and I’m so happy I did!

I think the best remedy would be to avoid the forum😁.
Just kidding.
Seriously at the beginning of the year I have also seen again a new Dac or headphone amplifier.where I thought that could be him.
And then you buy it and then it’s not the after a couple of weeks it goes again again.

So I went and thought instead of always just $ 200-300 here and there to invest and searched times for what gescheitem.
And I found Questyle cma400 or Singxer Sda 2 C.
Why? Because they are the only ones on the price sector so much power, clarity and musicality brought and in addition still clean also built.
I chose the Singxer because it met my requirements and still had a remote control.
And I’m since June really happy about it to have bought the and have since then her no longer looked for what else.

Last wo he was in the hi-fi store and a two headphones to listen.
Well and have seen the Mcintosh, so if times what new should come would be in my selection even if he costs a lot of money.

Currently I’m just looking for headphones because the Denon Ah D7200 has left me.
I sold him because he could not keep up with the Fostex for me personally.
Now an Audeze Lcd 2 C is on the way and I always wanted to have and hope he fits me.
If not I think nothing new will come so quickly if then only a Lawton mod for my Fostex.Then there will be in the next few years so quickly nothing new where I attracts.

Because I think I have arrived where I wanted to be.
I have a Matrix Audio Element H card with separate power supply installed on the Pc,the Singxer Sda 2 2 self-modded headphones Fostex Tr x00 and Denon D2000 restored myself.
A Denon Pma 800ne amplifier and restored Elac El 25 speakers.

If I still think about what then it is possibly times about room corrections.that is however a less expensive matter.

Otherwise, I’m happy with everything at the moment.
I think so similar it will be with you then only when you are satisfied comes the point that is what I wanted.
And you should listen to the woman of the house now and then.:grin:

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There’s also this.


You nailed it! At least in my case. I am at the point where I am pretty damn satisfied with gear. But I just can’t seem to stop looking at New gear constantly. Headphones, amps, DAC’s and even cables.
And now I am even looking at New cups for my Fostex’s :grin:

Of course I am using my headphones as I do this. I have to get back to reading books, magazines and newspapers. :laughing:


distracted by hardware? no, I’m not distracted by…oh look a squirrel!


that’s so analog!

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Yeap same here. Only that it is my friend or friends i tell “i have been looking in to …” Immediate response “how much is it this time?”.


indeed. society has been turned into zombies!


This sums it up for me…used to mostly be sports related, but spills over occasionally. Rock climbing, skiing, cycling, bowling, running (shoes), backpacking, woodworking/tools, firearms, and now audio. Of course, audio has always been an interest, as I grew up in a musical family and playing several instruments, running sound boards for church, chamber choir, etc. It just never surfaced as a priority to spend on until I started working form home full time a few years ago.

I fear after getting my son a 4 wheeler for his 10th birthday, there’s another rabbit hole coming.

Direct quote from my wife on numerous occasions.