Are You Trying To Aggravate Me?

The touch screen on my old Samsung View has started being very inaccurate to touch, as in scrolling up when scrolling down & down when scrolling up & every other kind of opposite that I try to do with it, or, just not doing anything when I tap the screen with my finger. I once smashed a Windows laptop on a cinder block well house until it was in little pieces. Vista I think it was.
Secondly, it, Samsung View, will not allow me to share, by copy link, like I do on this old phone. I just need things I pay for to work. I need to destroy things that dont work.

Where’s the invention part? I thought given the title aggravation led you to a clever fix or repurposing. Maybe I missed something.

This feels like it could live happily in the “rants” thread?

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Are you trying to aggrevate me?

Actually its just a statement. Sorry if it triggered your feelings. I’ll change it just for you.

My feelings aren’t involved? Never mind. Certainly wasn’t trying to aggravate you, sorry if you triggered yourself.

I have no problems with a plain rant, I just thought you’d get more response to it if you added it to the rant thread.

Im not looking for a responce. I am telling people my Samsung View is about to be destroyed & maybe they should consider a more reliable brand.

Its not always about you Karen.

The irony. I’m just a bloke trying to help you find the best outlet if an outlet’s what you were looking for.

Not sure what you’re looking for. Sounds like you’re aggravated by more than just your electronics, and like to tell people - but also don’t like to tell people. :man_shrugging:

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