ARGON Fostex T60RP Mod

So after some delibration, I’ve decided to get a Fostex Planar for my Daily Driver Headphones for PC Use as my next purchase. I naturally looked at the Argon Mk IIIs (Fostex T50RP Base), but I then found the T60RP Argons. I saw Zeos’ review on the base T60RP straight from Fostex and they piqued my interest. My question is how the Argon version of the T60RPs are compared to the base? I know the Argons really improved the T50RPs, but will they also improve the T60RPs? Anyone have any experience?

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I think the t60 argons are slightly less boomy and a bit more refined. Thats it as far as I know.

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Yes. From what I gleaned from Zeos’ review - the T60RP’s have a weaker, but more focused bass with greater emphasis on treble and midrange. Overall better detail, resolution, and imaging, but weaker soundstage than the Argon T50RP Mk III.

My question is the Argon Mod. If I understand, it’s a driver modification at heart. I know it makes the T50RPs sound a lot better, but I wasn’t as sure with the T60RPs. I guess I was wondering more so what the Argon Mod will change soundwise on the T60RPs versus the base or if anyone had any experience with it.

I was talking about the argon t60 not the stock t60

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Just know those headphones are on a massive back order.

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My t60rp argon’s rock. Huge soundstage after mod. Not boomy, but plenty present and clean bass. I pair mine with lyr3 and love them together.


Nice. I am planning on getting a Monoprice THX AAA 887 to power them eventually. I read some people had their headphone drivers begin to rattle over time. I don’t know if that is also a problem in the argons. Have you noticed any issues?

What pads do you recommend with them also? Modhouse recommends the suede, but I feel like the decrease in treble might affect the detail and imaging for mixed use (such as gaming).

Not modded, but ZMF pads alone made a decent difference, and strap for aesthetics. Be curious to compare to the modded T60’s .


That THX amp can suffer due to some issues. Make sure you don’t pitch the packaging too quickly. Additionally, a Schiit Heresy has higher singled ended output 32 Ohms and higher. So if you really want the power of a THX amp, use a balanced cable.

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Those are the protein pads right? That’s a nice cable as well. I think I am going to go with the protein pads myself, but maybe the suede. I’ll see what Modhouse says about each.

Yeah I was planning on using balanced for everything. I even decided to get a SMSL SU-8 instead of a Topping D50s just to keep everything consistent.

I doubt it will make that much of a difference sound quality wise, but I’ve heard balanced provides a lot more power and the T60RPs are power hungry from what people say.

What issues did you have with the amp? The reviews and measurements make it seem like it’s the best of the THX amps out there.

I’m literally using it right now. While the amp is Neutral… I find the amp a tiny bit dark. If you get a set of Audeze headphones with it you can really notice if the DAC has a dark character which I did with my Airist R-2R. RNHP is on my list now with my Bifrost 2 now but as far as power… Schiit heresy will be around if I need clean power that is closer to neutral than I think the Monolith THX 887.

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I went with zmf protein.


protein, you got it, and periapt is the cable

yup. i use stock cable with my modmic when playing fps. for everything else the periapt. One interesting thing between cables, the periapt cable is more resistant. I would guess its 2-3db more quite then the stock cable. Meaning I have to turn the volume up for same level loudness when using the periapt. Its subtle, but is there. Not dissing periapt either, I love the cable. Its beefy, looks great, and is magically flexible considering how thick it is. Plus I got a longer length then stock cable to chillax and listen better, thats priceless :slightly_smiling_face:.

What/Where did you get that strap? The orange compliments that thing nicely.

Give him an e-mail here, really good dude -

I don’t think treble is that decreased. They are on the verge of being a little bit harsh with the suede pads. Not very relaxing to me, but not bright either - it’s in a sweet spot imo. I’m treble sensitive though, but I’d guess that makes the treble perfect for most people.

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