Argon mk 3 or Fostex TH-X00 Mahagony

So I am wondering which of the 2 would be the better option. From what I’ve read they have a similar sound signature with really good bass.

I could get them both for around 400€ the TH is older used but the Argon seems to be almost new.

SO which would be the better option of the two? I havent found a comparison of those two and was wondering what you think.

I had the Argons and they didn’t impress me. The X00 is the better headphone in that comparison but I would say the argon is more fun. Really comes down to if you want a more refined sound or are really just looking to enjoy music and not care

With the Tx x00 you have more option to mod him.For example Lawton Audio.Or just change the Earpads.
I never hear the Aragon,but i love my Fostex Mahagony with nice Equipment it is bommy in all conditions.
I can‘t say the Aragon are flexible too with the Fostex.I think no.

When you atached a Schiit Magni or Jds Labs Atom with a good Dac you can have a good result.And with the Lawton Mod stage 1 the come a better Signatur.