Argon Mk3 Amp and Cable Question

Hello, I’ve recently been introduced to the Audiophile game due to watching tons of reviews while I’m at work and recently bought HD 600 and HD58x with a Schiit Magni 3 / Schiit Modi 3 for my amp/dac. After about 2 or 3 months with this pair of headphones, I’ve realized I really miss having a warm/bassier sound due to the music I frequently listen to so I am really tempted on getting the Argons.

My main question is will the Magni 3 be able to power these thoroughly enough for daily use? Also if this amp would not be good enough to power the headphones, I was thinking about getting a good enough amp to run a balanced cable… but truth be told, I don’t really know how much better a balanced cable is vs a single ended, and I thought I should probably ask some people that know much more about this than myself before I make a $300 purchase on Modhouse.


Yeah I think the magni should be able to power them just fine. Getting balanced can be nice for the future, but for now I think it doesn’t make sense price wise. You could get balanced for later down the road, but tbh unbalanced amps can be just as good as balanced.

My pick for the argons is the asgard 3 if you wanted a better amp as I think it works out really well and is a sizable step above the magni 3 and modi 3 stack for 100 more (including the dac module in the a3)

Something else to think about is if you really want the argons or not, there are plenty of warm and bassy cans out there besides the argons

Hmmm alright thank you for the advice. There are so many options it can be pretty overwhelming at times haha. I was debating biting the bullet for a really nice amp for my first amp, but decided against it because I am quite new to this hobby… but I kind of wish I did in hindsight.

The soundstage and warmth sound really enticing for me personally which is why I was leaning heavily towards the Argons, but I would be all ears to hear more options to look into before I make a purchase tbh.

Well, what exactly are you looking to get out of the argons? They are wide, bassy, and pretty enjoyable, but not the most detailed or have the most impact. Are you looking for something more relaxed or more in your face? Do you like something more smooth or more aggressive? Also what music do you listen to?

What do you like about your Sennheisers, and what would you want to change?

I would say probably more relaxed? But specifically a more fun pair of headphones. I feel like if I want detail I would use my HD 600 so not being extremely detailed would be fine. I honestly really like both pairs of Sennheisers that I have, but I think I just want a more fun pair of cans for when I want to just vibe out to some hip-hop or EDM.

My music taste is quite spread out, but I listen to mostly Hip-Hop and R&B, with some EDM/metal/folk/alternative/OST tunes here and there.

Hmmm, have you ever considered an audioquest nighthawk carbon? They are wide, have great bass and natural mid-range, and are very enjoyable, and also on sale for 200 now, the lowest it has been so far, can recommend for sure :+1:. I personally prefer them to the argons, but they do have a unique signature so that might take a bit of getting used to

I don’t think I’ve heard of those before actually, I will go check them out, thanks a lot!
Where did you find them for $200 by the way? On amazon they seem to be 250. Gunna check out some reviews for this set though

These are somewhat polarizing review wise, most people either love them or dislike them, but generally people really seem to like they know what they are getting into. For the price they go for, these are a crazy good value if you like the sound

Here is where they at having a sale:


@Soren_Peregrine nighthawk gang arise? I’m sorry I don’t own one but I just wanted to be part of the gang. Lol.

It does seem like the headphone has quite the devout following on this forum. And seems to have quite an interesting sound that is different from most.

So after listening to an hour of reviews, I think I will end up getting these. 150 hour burn in is not really a long time considering these will probably end up being my daily driver (assuming I like them) and the sound that the reviewers are talking about seems like something I would enjoy. Also for $200 this really seems like a steal.

Only thing that worries me a bit is the build quality in terms of lasting effect with the rubber bits and stuff… Hopefully it lasts a long time, but if anyone has a pair feel free to weigh in!

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I’ve had my og Nighthawks since they came out and no issues. They are super comfortable for me as well. I hope you end up liking them, just give them some time to burn in and get used to the sound signature before making a final decision lol :+1:

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Made a post about Argon’s and now I’ve bought a pair of Nighthawks… what a ride tonight has been hahaha.
Guess I’ll have first impressions anywhere from 3-10 days. Thanks all for the help!


Hope you like them, they are really good :slight_smile:


I have the heresy and it’s powerful enough to reach the drivers limit of excursion. Not a big deal cause at that point it’s way too loud. My Argons are still my daily drivers. I have the oval suede pads on them. If you’re a metal head, these with the oval pads sound incredible.

@Blu so do u like the nighthawk for gaming?

I love the Nighthawks for gaming. It really feels immersive, the most immersive headphones I’ve had at this price. I’ve seen some people describe the sound as “3D” with the imaging, and it almost feels surreal in that manner. For a game like Hunt: Showdown that solely relies on audio cues, these are my go to headphones.


I haven’t used them for gaming yet actually… been too busy with other things to really try them out. However, I think they are going to be my best set of gaming cans almost surely. The imaging is the best of any pair of headphones I own. The soundstage and bass response is quite nice for any shooter too I would imagine. Also see the above comment, he seems to be enforcing how I think these would play out haha.