Argon MK3s vs Verum Ones?

Looking to get my first planars, hoping someone can give me some more direct comparisons between these two, but doubt it due to them both being pretty hard to get your hands on.

I currently have X00 PHs and HD650s, definitely want a good bit more bass than 650s, but I really miss the vocal, staging, and tonal performance my 650s have when I use X00s. How much more clarity would the verums have over the argons? How much better is the staging and imaging on the argons over the verums? How much more bass would the argons have, and which would have better quality and texture? Which would have the better tonality and vocals?

Sorry for asking so many questions, but there’s a ton of hype around both of these cans, and no direct comparisons that I can find. Thanks in advance for any insight.

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An other option Monoprice M1060c with a mod?..

Joshua’s take on that mod?..