Aries Cerat - Has anyone heard them and can tell diff?

Has anyone heard the difference in super high end equipment like Aries Cerat?

this stuff is unreal cost but can you actually tell the difference?

Difference between it and what else?

If you are asking if there is a difference between most high end gear, yes there is. If it’s worth the cost? That’s up to the buyer.

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Sorry i should have been clearer and I am sure this is totally subjective. So imagine someone who has a budget of say 1-5K on audio at home - will they hear a difference with a setup based on Aries? Furthermore (and again i guess this is also subjective) based on gear we can source that is more portable (IEM based and DAC/DAP combo) for the mobile user/space conscious.

I suppose the question is, if you were to hear it would you ever be able to go back to the gear you have today?

Expensive equipment tends to sound more different to other expensive equipment that cheap equipment does to other cheap equipment. They have to differentiate, so they’ll have house sounds.
It’s all preference and what you want to spend at some point.
There is good cheap audio gear, there is better gear that is more expensive. Some of it is just expensive to make, some of it is largely a fashion statement.
Hearing expensive gear can make you want it, but it doesn’t suddenly make the cheap stuff unlistenable to.
When I started in hifi it was common to go to a specialist store and listen endgame gear, before listening to what you could afford and buying that.