"As a ... , I prefer ..." (Audiophile One-liner)

Thought this would be an interesting exercise to see what people’s preferences are, but the key is to keep it concise. In academic writing we used to use this as a training to help ourselves clarify our ideas so that it can be better convey to the readers. I’ll start off with two of my own:

  • As a music lover, I prefer the texture of sound.
  • As a movie lover, I prefer sound stage and immersiveness.

Although this is just for fun, it might also show how different folks perceive their personal experience with gears and sound, makes it easier to know how preferences varies!

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  • As a music listener, I prefer The Sonic Reference.
  • As a movie enjoyer, I prefer The Immersive levels of Reference Surround Sound .
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As a tinnitus sufferer, I prefer darker sounding anything.


Oof… sorry mate… It’s good that there are gears that may still fit your preference. As far as I know, the opposite could be that people who have hearing loss may prefer a brighter sounding anything, I suppose?

As a straight man I prefer boobs; copious amounts of boobs.



as a binary male, it’s all about the BASS!

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As an amateur and noob to the hobby, I prefer soundstage.

Dunno why, it just takes me places. i’ll take a wide as fuck headphone over a detailed one any day as I can’t tell detailed from very detailed anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


wait till you experience imaging!!!

it’s very cool with headphones…but way better with speakers!

I definitly here imaging too. And I like it… But somehow ‘less precise but wider’ still kills it for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Also no speakers. No money

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decent speakers don’t have to be expensive, but I get’cha. lack of fundages is hurtful :frowning:

As a newbie audio enthusiast, I prefer that I know that I don’t know everything.

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As a man of culture I prefer Female Vocals which makes me very much like detailed highend

dude, this us a family friendly forum… dont talk about porn! :laughing:. /s

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Now now thats not what I meant… :rofl:

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Oh yeah no, I couldn’t afford even a 20$ pair atm… I mean I could. But priorities :stuck_out_tongue:

Speakers are low priority. I live in a flat with thin walls so wouldn’t be able to use them too much since I hate being an annoyance.


Same problem here

  • As a No-house-owner, I prefer HD800 (over my Q3050)