Asgard 3 amp in low gain or high gain for dt880 600 ohm headphones?

I am new to audiophile headphones. I have the asgard 3 amp and modi 3+ dac. Would you run the amp in low gain or high gain mode with 600 ohm headphones? Thanks!

Leave the amp in high gain unless you have another headphone for which the gain is too much. I almost never switch mine from the high gain.


I second that. The DT800 600ohm needs high gain, but in general the amp sounds best in high gain.


Thanks! I wanted to make sure because I figured running it in low gain was better for longer life for the amp? Does that have anything to do with it? Because I could hear it fine on either low or high gain though I can have the volume turned much lower on high gain.

No. Most will tell you that the Asgard sounds it’s best when it warms up a little ( 15 mins imo). In my limited experience amps run their best with the gain fully opened unless stated otherwise. The lowering of the gain helps with clipping on the phones/speakers. With the Dt880 you do hear huge difference as the drivers do sound starved on low gain. Also this amp just runs hot no matter, I live in the tropics and it does just fine so don’t worry about it.