Asgard 3 or nah?

I’m looking to buy a solid state amp for under $300 that has lots of power and doesn’t color the sound too much… Should I just get the Asgard 3 or is there something better?

So yeah then the asgard 3 lol. Just pick it up it’s really good. I guess you could also get the emotiva speaker amp though that’s good too


Some people like the THX sound and the new ONE is on sale for 150$, might be worth a look and checking some reviews.

What headphones are you running? Some amps just pair better than others with a certain sound.

A3… nuff said… Have it and love it!! What Dac are you going to be using it with ??

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I love my Asgard 3 and would highly recommend it, but I do think it gives music a bit of warmth just an FYI

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I can attest to the Asgard 3 being a fantastic amp. Though as of recently I haven’t heard much of the warmth that others have proclaimed, though that is partially due to my lack of owning anything else right now lol. That being said, if the Asgard 3 is a pretty good amp, I could say with relative confidence that the Magni Heresy/3+ would definitely be up your alley. Power-wise they’re more than enough for any cans you throw at it.

Yeah the Heresy apparently measures like the THX-789, so if you don’t need balanced you could go for that for $100 and no color to the sound.

With the Micro iDSD BL :slight_smile:

I’ve read about that in one review… I currently pairing my Dac with a MCTH so I doubt I’ll notice the warmth…

Need more power lol Mostly for headroom and to future proof…

Ah gotcha… Yeah Asgard has more power for sure, doesn’t struggle to power any of my headphones.

From what I’ve heard the difference in power and volume between A3 and the Magni is pretty negligible in practice. If anything you’d grab the Asgard for having better overall build quality, and no wall-wart.

Thank you everyone for the recommendations! I’ve decided to settle for the peace of Schiit Asgard 3.