Asgard 3 upgrade?

Summary if you don’t want to read the paragraph below: I have a Bifrost 2 on the way, currently have a Modius + Asgard 3. I generally like the sound but feel like I’m missing something (not sure what). I am extremely sensitive to treble fatigue. Would the FA-10 be an upgrade from the Asgard 3 (other suggestions)? Would it pair well with the Bifrost 2? Headphones: 58X, K7XX, Sundara, Nighthawk, SR2, OG Clear Pro, possibly HE6SEv2 since they are on sale for 700.

How close is the FA-10 to the sound of an Asgard 3? I recently go into headphones and started with a Modi 3 + Asgard 3. But then my budget in headphones shot way up. So I upgraded from the Modi 3 to the Modius. But then from reviews and various forums I talked myself in to upgrading the Modius to a Bifrost 2 (Schiit is letting me return/exchange my Modius for a Bifrost 2). And now I’m wondering if I’d gain anything upgrading the Asgard 3. I like the sound I’m getting from my various headphones, but I feel like I’m missing something. My current range of headphones: 58X, K7XX, Sundara, Nighthawks, SR2 and OG Clear Pros. Planning on possibly getting HE6SEv2 since they are on sale again for 700. Though the 58X, K7XX and Sundara have taken a shelf spot vs the other 3. If I got a balanced amp I’d get balanced cables for the headphones that have them available. I am extremely sensitive to treble fatigue. Would the FA-10 be an upgrade from the Asgard 3?

I can’t say for the FA10 but why not try one of the cheaper hybrid tube amps on the market. I’m also interested in knowing what it is that you feel you are missing.

Quite honestly I’ve been doing so much reading (reviews, forums) and watching youtube reviews that it could just all be in my head. But at the same time, I’m not hearing some of the things talked about in some of my headphones that I’m reading or hearing about. Though I’ll freely admit I could just be chasing smoke at this point.

In regards to tube/hybrid tube amps. I can’t use them, unless the tubes are recessed enough or protected in some other way… cause cats.

In my experience you’ll get small changes when switching amps. Like when I went from a 887 THX amp to my SA1 there wasn’t a huge difference. Sound stage widened and highs were smoothed but I really only hear that with my higher end headphones like the LCDX unless I listen really hard. On the other hand switching from my EL2 stack to the SA1 there is even less of a difference so really I wouldn’t worry about the amp unless you get some really really hard to drive headphones.

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As a fellow Asgard 3 owner I know what you mean. The A3 is a great amp but not the most resolving. In all other categories I am still really happy with it.

Whats your budget?

Budget is up to $1k.

Have you looked into the SingXer SA-1 yet? Folks seem to like it from what I have read on several Discord servers…

Never an easy question to upgrade from such a solid amp. I went through EL2, RNHP, Jot2, Erish, and settled on the G111 being my A3 upgrade.

I really wanted the Jot2 to be the upgrade, but it was only a minor improvement. The G111 took the sound quality of the A3 that I liked and improved the clarity and instrument separation - overall more detailed without becoming bright. To my ear just a more refined sound signature of the A3.

It was interesting to me how much more on the G111 I could hear DAC and headphone differences. The amp really feels “out of the way”.


G111 does not ring any bells. Who is the manufacturer?


Yes, Lakepeople G111. It’s kinda the entry level to Violectric amps.

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Would you say that G111 reins in harsh treble just as well as A3 does? Thanks.

Better. The G111 is a nearly across-the-board upgrade from Asgard 3. They don’t have the exact same sound signature with G111 being a bit more neutral. But G111 is sibilant less often (almost never, really) than Asgard 3, which is already very clean in the treble

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This really helps! Sorry I have one more question… what about V200 ? Can I choose to go with V200 instead of G111 and still get the benefit of reining in harsh treble to the same full extent afforded by G111 ? I am treble sensitive so this is most important thing for me rather than details or soundstage. Thanks!

Good news! The Violectric brand is also really good at treble control (they are made by Lake People, btw). The V200 is going to have a more Asgard-like presentation (warmer, slightly thicker) but with much more detail retrieval and coherent spatial presentation than either A3 or G111. You can often find them used in the $500-600 range.

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I ended up getting G111. It is as you described - so smooth and easy on my ears while not sacrificing detail… I agree it is an upgrade from A3 although I still love A3 for its warm yet authoritative presentation. Thank you so much for your help as there is not much review on G111 out there. It really deserves more attention.

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Great! Did you have to go used or are they finally back in stock?

What headphones are you using?

I bought it used. I don’t think it is back in stock :slight_smile: I am using Sundara/6xx/600. I have not tried 560s and a few other similarly priced headphones for lack of time but I already know G111 is a winner. :slight_smile: I’ll be keeping both A3 and G111 for a foreseeable future because they have different enough timbre characteristics.

Awesome. If you’re up for it, I started a G111 discussion thread on Head-Fi and it needs more content:

Feel free to head over there and talk it up. I think this amp needs more recognition.

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