Astell&Kern A&Ultima SP2000T First Look

Hey guys! I put together a first look video for The Source Audio Video Group on the just-released SP2000T, pretty slick DAP.


There are some early reports on Head-Fi of noise while streaming and using the tube chain in either pure tube or hybrid modes. Has anyone experienced that? Could this be RF interference creating noise in the NuTube?

I only had it for a very limited amount of time but I didn’t have any interference when streaming, it may be a select issue with certain units? I am not sure. I am going to reach out to them and ask. @SpeleoFool

Today, I will share my impressions on the Astell&Kern Ultima SP2000T and discuss any incremental changes in firmware or performance from the initial first look video

we did on the SP2000T. In that video, I discussed some of the features, build quality, design and gave some brief impressions on the sound quality of the SP2000T.

This video will focus on the quality of sound paired with several different headphones and some comparisons vs. the Chord Hugo 2/2go combo, my reference portable headphone amplifier, and DAC.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!