Astell&Kern SE200

Saw a review from mike at hifi insider of a player that looked pretty interesting today

Haven’t really been keeping up with A&K players and didn’t realize this one existed. Honestly very interesting concept, but I really wonder how it is in practice. Having 2 separate outputs built into the dap, one with an akm and one with an ess dac, with differently tuned amps for each is pretty intriguing, but I would wonder if this would mean that you sacrifice amp and dac quality for the money because you have two separate circuits to integrate which would add cost and complexity I would assume. I think the approach with the cayin n6ii seems more reasonable to me (also really like that dap alot) with removable amp and dac motherboards, but idk the se200 does seem more convenient in that you don’t have to mess around with it I guess lol

Anyone heard this player? Pretty curious how it would stack up with existing options in the price range