ATH 40x (with ZMF cowhide) vs DT770

Pretty much 2 questions

  1. What pads should I put on DT770 (either 80 ohms or 250 ohms) ?
  2. Should I get that or the 40x’s with cowhides ?

I’d want to judge which I’d want based off the following criteria

• Soundstage - I’d like the sound to be wide and immersive
• Bass - Not too much of course, I like my ears.
• Treble - I don’t want it to sound muffled, nor do I want it to hurt my ears so a good in between would be appreciated
• Durability - if either headphones fall off my head they’d be fine. Probably asking for much, so which ever is MORE durable is the winner of this category

This is my first post here so apologies if it’s bad :confused:

Edit: I said “my DT770’s” even tho I don’t own them :neutral_face:

What’s the rest of your setup?

iPhone SE and a FiiO M15


Out of your three choices, the 770 (250) is without a doubt the best headphone. I recently sold mine but only because it was being neglected for 2 other much more expensive pairs. They are GREAT headphones. People complain about the “unrefined ness” of the 80 ohm version and the m40s wont even let you sniff the potential of your m15.

The only question is if your dap has enough power for them.

Under 300 ohms you’ll get 70mw of power. The 770s require at least 64 mw of power. So looks good there. A quick browse on Amazon confirms a few users that have successfully paired 250 ohm beyers and the m15, so I would go with those.

What made you narrow your choice down to these particular 3 headphones?

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Well they’ve been recommended by multiple people online and they’re almost the same price point and buying both isn’t an option. And I’ve listened to demos of them online and fell in love with both, problem was they wouldn’t comparable (the demo rigs were not the same). Other recommendations for headphones would be appreciated of course :).

I think the 770 250s would be a great choice actually.

A thing to keep in mind with your dap is that you can run a balanced headphone. You‘ll get more power (275 mw) in exchange for shorter battery life, but it does open up your options. It may very well increase performance as well, but you need a headphone that can be run balanced through the 4.4mm port.

I don’t have a balanced amp, so I can’t make any specific recommendations here, just something to keep in mind.

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Thank you for your help :))