ATH-A2000Z vs ATH-AD2000X

I need some advice regarding these two headphones (with maybe optional addition of W1000Z and AD1000X).
Long story short - I want to get ATH headphones, all of them would cost me here in Poland roughly the same ($600-$650, with exception of AD1000X -$350). I was able to try AD2000X for short time, they were my first choice (former flagship and so on). I liked them overall and was willing to get them, out of box my only issues were recessed brass instruments and, sometimes, too bright vocals. Separation, details and sound stage were top notch for my taste but I would trade some of the female vocal quality for more forward brass instruments (mainly for orchestra and jazz). I still have few days to make my mind but I’m unable to try other models and reviews are few, and from them A2000Z may be more of my kind of headphone.
My current benchmark is AFCRT and I wonder which ATH would have similar, neutral signature while being detailed and offering good separation, wider and deeper soundstage than Aeons (inb4 just sell RT and get A2C)
Another thing - are AD1000X just warmer AD2000X in slightly different package or they miss more nuances in sound presentation?