Attention regarding multiple posts

Anyone is welcome to start their own music thread, once the thread has been created please use it should you wish to add any other tracks etc you’d like to share.
There’s no need to start a whole new topic/thread every time you turn a record over or change album, keeping all your shares in one thread helps keep the forum tidy and clutter free.
Any future multi posts will be removed by the Mods.

Thank you and enjoy the :musical_note::loud_sound:

The Mod team.


removed as in moved over to the appropriate music thread?

No removed all together we’re not secretaries, we have better things to do than edit cluster fuck posts.


Yes. There have been a lot of dumb posts lately. They’re not even fun trolling :grinning:

I’m sorry, I’m old and don’t follow the drift here,
What is happening and I hope I’m not part of the problem?
I realize you explained the situation in your post but I’m not sure what the issue is?
If I’m not part of the problem, well nevermind then…:laughing:
EDIT: After some research , I see what the issue was…


I hear ya. Sometimes it can be like third year French. I don’t get some of the abrieiations. Even listening to reviews is like Charlie Browns teacher. Im picking it up… slowly.