ATTENTION: Z Reviews christmas action is scam

I received a strange email today that supposedly came from Z Review:

Congratulations :envelope_with_arrow:dear subscriber you have been selected among the short list on my Xmas giveaway :gift: Quickly contact the telegram above :point_up_2: to claim your prize…

I have contacted you to ask what I have won and the answer is:

It’s actually a surprise package but the clue of what you won is up to your expectations.

Now the man behind the telegram account wants my address, which was fine.
But he wants me to pay the shipping costs.

It seems like a scam, is it true that it is a fake or is it real?
I looked at Z Reviews channel and I don’t see a separate video of him doing an act.

Can anyone help?


This has been an ongoing scam among a few audiophile channels. Super review, HBB and a few others. This is nothing but a scam. Pay absolutely no mind.


All right, thanks for the quick feedback.:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:
Didn’t know it was a scam.
I thought it was strange that under one of my comments on YouTube there was nothing about Z Review itself.
I also wondered why this Narricht came to my private email although my 2nd account is shit account to register for YouTube ect…
When I was supposed to pay, I got suspicious.

Probably nothing would have arrived and the guys would have disappeared.

Thanks again for the quick response, :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:would be helpful if the YouTubeers would make a video about it to educate their subscribing community.

My pleasure, brother. I understand, trust me. Stay vigilant out there :call_me_hand:

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I’ll take the liberty of deleting it if you don’t like it.
But this could also protect others in the community.

First contact via Email:

After this i have installed the Telegram app,i haven‘t it before.
And i contact the guy.

Last massage in the Pic is but can‘t see it on the Pic,sent the money with paypal and friends.

I don‘t have send money of course,:v:.
Unfortunately, the scammer has my address, but I’m not too worried about that now.
So be careful out there.:wink:

awww man, why don’t I EVER win anything? :frowning:

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You won the fastest sperm contest! :heart:
You Win Pop Tv GIF by One Day At A Time

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You should report that PayPal address to PayPal. They’ll probably just setup another address, but PayPal can shut down this one and use their investigative tools to try to track these scammers and play whack-a-mole or maybe even manage to identify the people behind the scam(s) and get them prosecuted.

Stay safe out there, bro! I’m glad your BS detector went off before you got burned. :sunglasses:

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the telegram bots on youtube are hitting every channel, at least the hint should be that every comment gets a response from these bots saying the same thing from what I’ve seen, youtube needs to step up their game on getting rid of these bots

Scam the Telegram account is the giveaway , many got a email including myself.

It really should be a non-issue fixed over a year ago, yet here we are!

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WTF is Telegram :man_shrugging:


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Thats a telegram…:wink:

Telegram with a capital T is the encrypted messenger service du jour for sketchy stuff (and plenty of legitimate activities as well, BTW).

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Just so everyone is aware most reviewers don’t do giveaways without you having to sign up. There are a ton of legalities to giveaways and most reviewers don’t have a lawyer team to guide them through it.

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