Audeze 2Fazor or Audeze X 2021

Hi guys and gals,

I have spent a lot of time at home and boiled it down to these two headphones. These two headphones make sense to me because they are available on amazon. The 2F I could get for 900 new and the x I could get for 1100 new with some amazon cards. I just want to know the differences between these headphones before I pull the trigger.

For my sound preferences, I enjoyed my dt880 600 ohm until they broke on me. The only thing that they lacked was bass impact everything else was almost perfect. I also love the sound of my Audeze Sine’s but they have some driver issues and are uncomfortable as a mofo. I am most used to my Shure se846 IEMs but I want to experience an actual open back headphone.

Thank you in advance for you advice! And I am also open to any suggestions.