Audeze i3/4 compared to full size headphones

I’ve really kind of fallen out of favour with iem’s. What is considered “open” and “airy” sounding for them, becomes cramped and claustrophobic when compared to a full sized open back headphone. Enormously unfair, I know. But, it’s just not a sound that works for me, even for recording that a mixed more intimately. The problem was I couldn’t realistically carry any open can around as they were never really designed to be used outside of your home. That all changed with the isine series, and now the lcd i3/4. The i4 was a tad out of my reach, but with the i3, it is just about in my price range. But by ‘just’, I mean I can only really justify its purchase if it becomes my primary source for music at home or away.

So my question is, do you have i3/4 (ideally using the cither cable), and how favorably do they compare to you full size headphones? Would you be happy using these as a replacement, or do you think its a bad idea to get these thinking they could replace full size headphones? Love to know what you think. Thanks.

Oh, and I mean to say I will be using these transportably, not portably. I’m well aware of their non existent isolation.

I use lcd-i3 both outside and inside and they are just great. I hate closed headphones, it’s not comfortable for me. Lcd i3 are semi-open so also outside in the street nose is still ok, you hear only some noise from outside, which is for me ok and have the feeling of open headphones. They are small, comfortable and the sound is jus wow, great, especially for such small device, beter than anything I had before. So I really recommended for everyone who likes open headphones to buy it.

Damn, I havn’t been on this forum since that post, only to randomly come back to see this being answered in less than a day! Yes, they’re fantastic. I now use vanatoo t0’s fro gaming, movies and most music, and the i3’s for everything else. Completely eliminated the need for headphones due to their convenience. Thanks for the reply. Just out of couriocity, what other headphones have you compeared to these?