Audeze isine 10 do you love or hate?

I have the isine 10 and love them they are pretty much my end game. but do you guys like them? would love to know!

They are great after EQ, until then they are just bad IMO. I think they pair well with an aftermarket balanced cable and the ES100. Edit: also a fun v or neutral sound, I prefer a more subdued version of the cypher cable EQ since the bass bloat can be a bit much with the cables EQ.

I love mine as well, I got them today. They take eqs so good, you can literally give them a 20 db bass boost, turn on a bassy song and they won’t distort.(thats way to much, but you can)

Yes!!! That is why I love them. I like a heavy v shape and a good bass boost. With that and a good dac amp they are my best set of phones!

I like mine for the price i got them at $150. I just wish i could find better earclips for these and possible some foam eartips for the comfort. If anyone has any suggestions.

Zeos used the dakoni tips. I find the stock tips good :slight_smile: and same I got mine for 150 also!!!

With Surgery these are the clips I use, It feels more comfortable, but also cheaper somehow. The surgery was to pull the small clips from the over ear part and then rip the default clips at the bend up and over part, mate the 2 pieces so the new clips could attach and whala lol Dekoni tips are ok on them, but the spin-fits are my preferred. I’ll share a video if I have to lol. Also I have an EQ I approximated from a headfi user on my ES100 since I didn’t see anyone display a good EQ with it and it sounds good, I can share that too.

Reviving this thread, since I was just able to pick a set of these up for $135 w/ a 3.5, 2.5, and cipher cable. I’m pretty impressed so far. Honestly, I don’t mind the stock signature, not super exciting, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t just super detailed. Great space and imaging. Electric guitars sound better than on anything else I’ve heard.

I’m surprised I don’t see more people talking about these.

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If the bore was smaller on the stem it would be way better, my m350 succeed in this :slight_smile:

I hated my m350s until I EQ’d them and then they blew my mind. Anyone taking about iems with soundstage really needs to try them before buying some $500+ iem around soundstage and getting nowhere near there stage the m350 can produce for $75. They’re really really good after a heavy eq.


Agreed, all open back planar drivers need eq so far, but damn if they are not good otherwise. Comfort is the other big nut to crack and could use further innovation. It is still a promising design and one that needs attention…and proper tuning…

These little guys need solid power and a very good deal to sound the best. Never had to eq mine when running them off a desktop setup but definitely want eq when using the BT cable. Best fit I’ve found so far is getting the wings in the accessory kit audeze sells for them. I can do everything but hard running and they stay put…well foam tips help as well.

This post has made me reach out to my pair, haven’t heard them in a while.
I am currently listening to these wearing the ear hooks, wired up using an aftermarket 8-core 4.4 pentacon with spinfit ear tips. I forgot how wonderful these sound, especially when they are powered accordingly (got them hooked up to my Austell & Kern Kann Alpha). They also sound good with the Bluetooth cypher cable but again you need a good source to drive them, like with any planar they can be a bit power-hungry.

IMHO these are still a good entry point planar IEM. It’s unfortunate the only reason I don’t use them regularly is because I find wearing IEMs slightly uncomfortable even for short listening periods although these are definitely one of the comfiest IEMs I’ve had.