Audeze LCD-2 vs LCD-X

I tried out the LCD-2 (2016) and LCD-X for a couple hours and ended up getting the LCD-2 because at the time I felt the LCD-X wasn’t worth the much higher cost. I thought the LCD-X was more musical, more close in, with exciting treble. I thought the LCD-2 was more dynamic and had enough of the detail I wanted.

I might get a second hand LCD-X in future to compare - it’s much nicer to compare gear at home.

At home I think the LCD-2 sounds excellent in many ways but maybe a bit soft and distant. Slightly odd signature. It could just be I need more time with them - which I will.

What are your thoughts?

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I’m really starting to like my LCD-2 more. I think Z was a bit unrealistic to say they’re garbage compared to LCD-X. I’d say they’re more “different” than worse. But I still want to give the LCD-X another listen.

Personally I much prefer the pre fazor lcd 2’s over the lcd x for music listening, really nice headphones imo, different sonic goals compared to the x, so it’s not like they are really trying to compete with each other tbh

Why pre fazor? I’d be surprised if the fazor affected anything drastically and surely it would be an improvement.

Well anyway mine is fazor and I like it. Haven’t heard the earlier.

It was a pretty significant change imo for being called the same headphone afterwords. Imo the pre fazor has better timbre, a more pleasing signature, more organic impact and layering, a smoother and more liquid sound, also more spacious. The fazor gave the lcd 2 better imaging, more treble presence and detail, and a bit better separation and a slightly more intimate and cleanly sound, but imo lost what drew me to the LCD 2 in the first place. I would say that pre fazor isn’t better than fazor and vice versa, it’s really like a different model of headphone in the same category. I personally prefer the pre fazor a fair bit more, but some might enjoy the fazor model more, comes down to preference and what you want out of the headphones


Interesting. Well I probably can’t hear a pre-fazor before purchase anyway so I don’t think I made too much of a mistake.

One thing I would say about my LCD-2 is that they sort of sound Semi-Open instead of the Open they are in reality. Quite squeezed inwards.

I can’t remember exactly but the LCD-X I think sounded a bit more free and open. Not necessarily “better” but “different”. It was however, amazing.

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Yeah most pre fazors are older than 2014 so pretty much anything you can demo in a store will be fazored. If you are enjoying yours then you didn’t make a mistake lol


Anyone more opinions (preferably someone who has heard both headphones in title)?

That was what turned me off of the LCD-2F when I demoed it at a local dealer. The soundstage sounded a bit unnatural to me: supremely tall but pretty narrow. Thankfully, I managed to find two LCD-2 prefazors down the line (revs. 1 and 2). Between the rev. 2 prefazor and the fazor units, I find @M0N’s assessment to mirror my own.


Well I tried the 2020 LCD-X for a final time and I think I can say I prefer my LCD-2 (Fazor) - a pleasant surprise given the substantial price difference. The LCD-2F sounds just exemplary, and while the LCD-X sounds a bit clearer in the bass and more treble detail, it’s at the expense of the awesome signature of the LCD-2F. Just the dynamics and the timbre of the LCD-2F are astonishing. Imaging/Soundstage is not that amazing but I’m not fazed by it :wink:

I have not tried the LCD-3 but if it’s a refined LCD-2F, I bet it’s just for me. Sadly it’s about 3x the price I paid for the LCD-2F. I would love to hear the LCD-3 at a point where I have the funds.

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