🔶 Audeze LCD-R + Schiit Jotunheim A

This is the official thread for the Audeze LCD-R ribbon headphone & Schiit Jotunheim A headphone amp matched set

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over Ear - Ribbon Driver - 2 Ohm impedance
  • Amp needed: YES - Schiit Jotunheim A
  • Open Back
  • LIMITED RELEASE - only 67 units available for sale!

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Just a note. Using these on another amp voids warrety and 2ohm means you will be hard pressed to find an amp to run them directly as well. I am currious how it works with the raal amp though

I’d check the pinout are the same before trying anything.
Most good speaker amps will output into 2 Ohms, something of a necessity with modern speakers, when the impedance is nominally 8 Ohms, but commonly they get down to 2 or less at bass frequencies.

Its a female 4-pin xlr. Should be the same, but yah, checking to make certain is a given

Sold out already, lol! :laughing:


I’m glad I didn’t hesitate. Nought before I even watched currawong review

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How much were they, BTW?

They sold out in 1 hour kinda nuts. I think I got one before they sold out. I got an e-mail confirmation. But I won’t believe it until I have it in hand. Learned my lesson from trying to buy a graphics card. E-mail confirmations don’t mean squat in 2021.


$2500 plus tax. Yea I know Ouch.

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So glad I got mine when I did. Now the question is… cancel the order on the HD8xx because it doesn’t matter anymore to me or not?


Why not both ? Keep them in good condition and sell what you don’t prefer.

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Nice Shi. with Schiit. The Lcd R looks awsome.

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Because I have ZMF Eikons and the LCD-24 already.

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According to Currawong and the guys at Schiit, the gain requirements for the Raal SR1A are much too high for the LCD-R, which means one cannot use the Jot-R or the SR1A adapter for speaker amps.

That super wierd considering the raal tap on the hsa-1b is at least a somewhat common pick for sus and 1266

Not too bothered about them being sold out. Audeze uses this limited edition to test out the waters. If it ends up being schit, you just saved 2.5k. If it is good, they will release more ribbon headphones, probably cheaper

Another review out

Tbh though, I didn’t think it was a super good review… I hate it when people talk about timbre and go “its got a good timbre that’s completely unrealistic”. Imo, the only good timbre is a realistic timbre. Everything else isn’t necessarily bad, but needs to be described outside of timbre. All I realy got from this review is its resolving as shit as there were no comparisons at all…

Yeah, oof…

If they compete with sus like the hype is claiming, thats pretty cheap. Hell, the recommended amps for sus start at like 4.5k and you still have to get the cans

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Even if the test sounds promising, it is unattractive.
For one thing, it’s a limited edition.
Price-wise, well, not for everyone.
Which is a bit of a shame on one hand, as it denies the opportunity to listen to something similar to Stax without leaving a hole in your wallet.

The only thing that is really successful is the optics of the LCD-R. They should keep that for the future, especially for the planar headphones, that would be a hit.
The colours dark red, yellow, blue, pink, green and grey would definitely make the headphones look fresh.
Maybe the crybabies would forget the weight where they always criticise when they have a nice headphone on their head.:grin: