Audeze LCD-X Leather vs Non-Leather pads

Anyone know the difference? Looking at audeze website to order a pair of LCD-X and it offers them in Leather or Leather-free pads. Its not offering much of any description on their website.

Which ones do you think? Or should i just get both. If it matters i wear glasses.

Imo the leather free aren’t as nice feeling, but there really isn’t much of a difference

I have both… I prefer the sound of the leather pads but the vegan/suede pads are more comfortable for longer listening sessions. I like both.

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I don’t think he’s talking about the suede/vegan, there are pleather pads as an option for the LCD x that are similar to the leather

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My bad I was confused then.

If you go on their site, it just lists leather or non-leather as the option. No idea what they are referring to for the non-leather.

Non-leather is just pleather that should be close to the same, just more animal friendly

I have both. If love base, then go with the leather. The leather pads do have the issue of getting warmer faster while taking longer to cool off for long listening times. I do feel like they slightly reduce the midrange dip… but while I switched to vegan pads, I do miss the bass from the leather pads.

I’m probable going to switch to leather for the winter months personally but I think the Vegan pads are genuinely the way to go.

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Perfect, thank you!

Have tried both leather, and leather free (protein leather) on my Audeze LCD-XC, now Audeze LCD-X. Sound wise the Leather-free pads add more treble, thus it sounds a bit sharper. Did not like it with the Audeze LCD-XC even though the leather free pads are softer and “feel” better.


What about which pads last longer. Are the vegan pads prone to flaking?