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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Closed Back

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Z Reviews

Mimic Cables, where I bought my LCD-XCs after watching the Z Review, asked me to review my purchase, so I obliged them. Here’s what I wrote.

The Audeze LCD-XC are gorgeous headphones with a good cable, presented in a stylish and practical case. I like that the mini-XLR cable connectors are compatible with ZMF cables - if you already have ZMF headphones and cables, you can easily mix and match. Be prepared, though - they weigh in at a whopping 677 gm. Their design helps distribute the weight, but it’s still a significant load to wear for any period of time.

I’ve listened to a variety of genres on them through a DAP, my tablet (watching TV), a single-ended solid-state amp, and a balanced tube hybrid amp. They have done a nice job with everything. They are quite good at passive isolation, effectively sealing out the world around me.

One YouTube reviewer said that they are good for listening to music at low volumes, which is what convinced me to buy them. Just turn the volume down and enjoy the music. I had been in the market since selling my only other closed-back planar magnetic headphones from another manufacturer - that pair was neutral and boring. Not so with the LCD-XCs - their overall presentation is engaging, and they excel at soundstage, detail, layering, and tonality. Areas for improvement include speed (they feel just a tiny bit laggy) and timbre (instrumental/vocal color and texture aren’t quite as realistic as some other headphones).

I look forward to many more happy hours listening to my LCD-XCs.


I currently own the LCD 2 Closed and love them. I was thinking of upgrading to the XCs. Does anyone know if it is worth the upgrade? XCs are way pricey. Cheers.

Had a chance to try these a few days ago. With Audeze kinda being THE planar brand when it comes to headphones, I was really excited to finally hear a set. Did not like. Did not like one bit. My time with them was brief so I didn’t really have time to analyze exactly what the problems were. In stock form they missed my preferred tuning by miles, and even with some quick EQ attempts it was clear that they just didn’t fit what I’m going for.

Gonna speak some blasphemy right now, but I was comparing them to my GL2000s (which are modded and EQd as fuck, to be fair) and it was a non-contest. Not speaking to technicalities of course, just signature preference and delivery.

I actually like moments like this that remind me that price and reputation aren’t really an indication of anything when it comes down personal taste. It’s entirely possible that my endgame is in the supposed “mid tier.”

Got to knock this one off my audio bucket list and know that I don’t have to wonder about it.

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Been looking for a closed back for a while that is on the same level as Arya / Clear MG, I have both.
Just got the LCD-XC (2021) a few days ago and it’s pretty spectacular. I had previously tried DCA Aeon Noire and whilst the most comfortable headphone I’ve ever worn they are just way to V-shaped for my liking.

Ignoring frequency response for the moment, these are the most “open” sounding closed backs I’ve tried so far. Soundstage is extremely good, coming quite close to the Clear MG and imaging is on par to my ears. Depth and detail (layering) may actually be the best of the 3.

In terms of frequency response I would consider them or very bright neutral-ish. There is quite a big lift from 11-12kHz and beyond and a smaller hump around 5-6kHz. They can be a little fatiguing for extended listening. However this lift is compensated by a slight lift in the bass. I feel they are balanced.

As with all Audeze they take EQ very well, and I have for the first time ever applied EQ system wide with these using the free version of eqMac for the moment. I have been a strict no EQ guy, but I tried it on these, and I have to say it is totally worth it. I would still listen to these without EQ for sure, but the small eq changes just make these even better.
Im applying 2.5dB @ 32Hz / -1.5db @ 8kHz / -2.5dB @ 16kHz , quite a small amount of eq but it just moves them into a slightly more IEF neutral bright territory.

In terms of sources im running Amazon HD > Geshelli JNOG > RNHP & LP G111
Without a doubt the LCD-XC sound best on the RNHP, take a little of the edge off. For whatever reason they do just not sound right on the G111, the upper mids and highs are elevated a little too much. Strange because I thought they would be a perfect match here.
I think my planned Schiit BF2 with the RNHP will make these even better.

If anyone is looking for a closed back and have (and like the) experience with Beyerdynamics I would highly recommend these.
I did a quick mixing session on these last night and the elevated highs actually help identify problems alot quicker than on other headphones.

The biggest downside to these headphones is the weight. Fuck me are they heavy, they are 50% heavier than anything else I have and you feel it. Comfort is actually pretty good, no hot spots, but you totally know you have headphones on. I’ll need to start doing neck exercises to build up my muscles more. Saying that im quite a lean guy (14" neck) so I reckon most people with a bigger neck than me won’t have any issues.

Now this makes me want to try out the LCD-X itself…


Anyone got much experience pad-swapping with the LCD-XC (2021)
Recently my ears have just been touching the inside grilles of them and while it’s not horrible it does take you out of things when it does happen. Also wouldn’t mind a slight change in FR to kick the brain out of the familiarity.

Dekoni are the only replacements as far as Im aware. There measurements for the pads don’t inspire much though if they are even 50% accurate as most except choice seude actually increase treble, which you most definitley do not want with the XC’s!

Measurements aside, the Dekoni Audio Elite Sheepskin I felt was a step up from the stock pads. Improved, extended bass response and more wiggle room for the ears.

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Hi all. Sorry for the late addition, I’m new to this group.
So, I needed a closed-back for gaming and love my LCD-3, so I blind-purchased the XC.
They going back :slightly_frowning_face: They’re awful. Neck aching after 30mins, no space, sibilant top end, no bass extension.
Really gutted.

Amazon Music HD
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Topping A90D
Loxjie P20 (in full balanced)
Trilogy 931

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