Audible Hiss - Chord Hugo2 on IEMS - Claim a repair?

Hello all,

I’ve had this issue ever since I’ve had the Hugo2: when I plug in my IEMs (Thieaudio Legacy 9) I get a hissing noise. Even when the volume is off. This hissing noise doesn’t get any louder even when the volume is at maximum (white light). I don’t USB power the Hugo2, so it is running on battery power.

I use the Legacy 9 on the go with the M11Pro SS, and I don’t get any hissing noise there. I plugged in the Hifiman Ananda this morning and there was no hissing. The two year warranty ends mid September, which Is why I’ve decided to address this issue now. Even though I could live with the hissing, I would like to know if it is normal.

And even when using a 5V/2A charger, It takes over 6 hours until the charging light turns off.

It all comes down to: would you guys, in my place, go through the process of sending them in for a repair?

A sincere thanks for any help; it is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Thank you for reading.



I would personally try picking up an ifi iematch first and see if that solves the issue? I don’t have any experience with the L9, but other very sensitive iems have had hiss on the hugo 2, and an iematch has solved that issue for me

Also just to check even when no source is plugged into the hugo you still get hiss? If that’s the case then it’s a sensitivity and impedance issue (although the L9 doesn’t look to be crazy in that regard), but if the hiss goes away when you unplug the source from the hugo it might be a small ground loop (but I don’t think this is likely)

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Thank you :slight_smile: When I unplugged the USB source from the device, the hissing was still there and nothing changed.

That means the issue is with the L9, and not with the Hugo2, right? Would be weird, as I had the whole PCB changed in January this year.

Gotcha just wanted to check if it’s a grounding issue

But no noise on the l9 with the fiio? That really makes me think the l9 is just pretty sensitive or there is an impedance issue going on

Yeah. When I listen to them on the fiio, they’re dead silent. When I switch to the Hugo2 or the Mojo, there’s hissing. Wasn’t expecting it to be this way, if then the other way around :laughing:

Yes then in order to fix that something like an iematch would be something you want to pick up

Chord need a Hugo3, there is no real reason why they can’t design a Dac/Amp that can work well with low impedance IEM’s…iFi manage that basic requirement on a daily :nerd_face:

Right. Thank you for your help! Got some peace of mind now regarding this issue :slight_smile:

I read your post on the Hugo 3… when it’s out, it’s going to have to be one sick dac/amp, to justify its price against stuff like the Woo Audio offerings.

I’d love to hear the Woo Eclipse driving a pair of A8000’s as long there’s no hiss? lol…I did ask about the Hugo3 a while ago and sorry I can’t remember who replied :woozy_face: (apologies) but he said Chord seem to work on new/updated products in order and maybe the Hugo2+/3 could be next year or something alone those lines :man_shrugging: