Audio Deals (Sales only please)

Thought we should have a master thread for Audio deals people spot Big or Small. Thought it would be a great way to keep up since black friday deals are already popping up as well as whatever boxing day brings. Please keep it at actual Sales cause yes we all know the Kph 30i is inherently a good deal

thought we should have similar formatting to BAPCsales on reddit to make things easier to read:
site Product Original price-Discount=actual price


[Drop] (US) He 4xx $180-50=$130

I’ll start off using the he 4xx as an Example

[Drop] US (DAC) topping d10 $100-$35=$65

Maybe i should get that topping DAC


if you live in the Us it’s pretty worth it.

[] Canada (headphones) Sony-WH1000XM3 $448-$100=$348CAD

I dont wanna be that person, but the D10 is actually $65

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shit my bad please be that person If I fuck upo on actual tangible facts


D10 is $89 on Amazon and most places with $76 lowest ‘buy it now’ on eBay. $65 is a good deal if you don’t mind the Jan 6 shipping date.


FiiO X5 (3rd Gen) for $180 7 hours left

just bought my topping D10 hehe

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ELAC bookshelf speakers are on sale. Debut 2.0 in 5 and 6-inch versions, plus the UB5s. I first saw it on Crutchfield, but Amazon has it as well.

SendyAudio Aivas are now at 500 at both Amazon and Musictek.

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The M570 is on sale at the Canadian Amazon site for 234$ if your in america:

Won’t get here in a month or 2 . We are basically being massdropped.

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