Audio-GD and RME comparison

After a lot of comparison with my personal FLAC rips, I’m almost ready to decide. I’ve had the Audio-GD NFB-28.38 and the RME ADI-2 DAC v1, for a long time.

Looks like I’m selling the RME - I prefer the Audio-GD. I’m 80% sure but I will do more testing.

They both sound fantastic, but the NFB-28.38 just sounds like something special.

I’m very glad I found the A-GD thanks to Zeos’ first A-GD video a few years ago.

Tested primarily with Fostex TH900 mk2.

Maybe check with darker sounding headphones as well. Unless that’s your preferred sound signature of course

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Yeah I’ve tested my Fidelio X2 and my JBL 530 now too. I do prefer the A-GD. Selling the RME.