Audio-GD NFB11.38 Performance Edition

NFB-11.38 Performance Edition
(The Top Grade ESS9038 PRO Built In)

Discrete full non-feedback design
DAC+ Headphone amplifier / Preamplifier

Audio-GD NFB11.38 Performance Edition Web Page

Z Review - Audio-GD NFB 11

The 9038 Pro is slick… and for the price you can’t go wrong… not many all in one packages id buy but audio GD is beautiful and uses top shelf components… very soon! :slight_smile:

I thought long and hard (that’s what she said) whether or no to get this hand made chinese Dac/Amp and I must say, a month in, I have no regrets what so ever. Google this unit, heck the company, won’t help make up your mind. I think this is the most polarizing company in the headphone community, that I’ve experienced.

Someday, I’ll send my NFB11.38 Performance Edition with the built in femtosecond Accusilicon 318B clock upgrade for Zeos to review. The NFB11.28 review he’s already posted, the quality build, the engineering feat, the performance for the price, all that applies to this version. Yes, the translation on the website is horrible and they still only take orders via email which can make some uncomfortable, I know I was, but I spent hours reading and researching before I emailed my order and I didn’t find a single comment from a disgruntalled customer saying he was ripped off or anything of sorts. Kingwa, Audio-GD owner, takes pride in the products he puts out there, the quality control each unit goes through before it is approved to be sent is crazy (see what I mean He backs his products with a 10 year warranty, first year shipping, parts and labor is covered, after that you only pay shipping.

Anyway, I love my NFB11.38, I feel I got something that can hold it’s own against much much more expensive high-end options.


Like the movie looper, ol Bruce Willis was in China… because it became the new rome… I feel thats legitly what the future holds… because the USA has become a consumer nation not a producer like it used to … the best stuff nowadays isn’t made in the USA and if it is… its 10x the price… and its only “comparable”.

Audio GD all day long.

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