Audio Interface Question : Focusrite Scarlett

Microphone: Audio-Technica AT2020
Headphone: Beyerdynamic DT1990 pro

I’m looking for an audio interface to connect my microphone to my PC.
I’m looking towards the popular Focusrite Scarlett, but I am scared my headphones won’t sound ‘loud’ enough.
Right now my headphone is connect directly to my PC and i never exceed the 75% volume because it will be too loud.
When reading online I see alot of people have problems that the Focusrite Scarlett doesn’t drive the headphones good enough.

Are there other options I should consider?
Thanks in advance!

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It’s an ok headphone amp and a really good for the price mic amp. If you are happy with your PC audio, stick with it. Not likely the focusrite will sound better. But I would still try and see.

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Going to chime in here now as someone who owns the Focusrite Scarlet Solo gen 3. This does not properly power 250 ohm headphones… you will need to crank the volume to maximum to get moderate levels of volume. It’s good for a microphone. not good as an amp. Behringer UM2 might suffice for that microphone but this is one of the cheapest audio interfaces pair that with a good amp like a liquid spark or magni 3+. Other than that you would need a better Audio interface with more power behind its amplifier. Will also agree if your pc can power the headphone use that instead if budget is of concern as you will gain very little in benefit from this audio interface and it doesn’t particularly sound better.


Late reply here but Julian Krause made a great guide on the headphone amps on popular interfaces, worth checking out, he goes into a lot of detail!