Audio Luggage and Cases

I don’t think there’s a thread for this?..but here’s ifi"s answer to transporting your Dap, portable Dac/Amps, cables and IEM’s etc…


Why not this one?


Maybe for storage but not for transporting your “portable” setup?

Well, If I wanted to bring a lot of iems with me on vacation. I would bring that case instead.

But if its just going out, then sure. Something smaller is better lol.

Looks pretty nice and isnt that expensive.

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Again, I cannot recommend this enough. I can completely throw this case around and be confident that a few of my IEMs are more than protected.

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Good for keeping dust off of Estats :man_shrugging:t2: lol

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Just saw this ifi bag! I’m super excited to order this when it’s available in my area. I was getting tired of throwing my phone and idsd black label in a fanny pack while walking my dogs or biking. This is exactly what I wanted. I read on reddit from an “ifi insider” that they may also make a smaller version for the hip dac and xdsd.

yeah that ifi bag actually looks pretty nice :+1:

I currently use a ddhifi case.

The dream though is to get some VanNuys stuff as their accesories and portable cases are amazing.


The single case from Sarda will have to do for now :upside_down_face:
Fortunately, it can fit two IEMs if you wanted.

TBH, I realy like the ifi case for what it is. I personaly just wrap IEMs around my dap and shove it in my pocket, but that is a real cool idea