Audio Noob here concerned about his Headphones

I’ve had the Beyerdynamic Custom Studio (80 ohms) for about four months now. When I first bought it, I noticed that some sounds weren’t as clear or as detailed as others, and some sounded abit muddy. But I didn’t really mind it cause it was during my first few weeks. I thought it was normal since I wasn’t using an amp nor dac. As I listen to it now, It’s like I notice more of how kind of “lack of detail” to the music I’m listening to; is that because I’m still not using an amp and dac and had grown more used to listening to music or details more intently or is it becaues my headphones have degraded abit since I listen to them at 70-80 percent volume since at those levels it seemed normal. (hjehe sorry if this may sound abit stupid to some of the long time audiophiles here but I’m just scared of the possibility that my headphones have degreaded in sound quality; do I just really need an amp and dac to get the sound I want to be better?)

the reason why I haven’t bought an amp and dac is because of the pandemic going on :sweat_smile:(can’t seem to get out of my home)

Question is, what are you comparing this sound to? Like my higher end headphones really do show more detail compared to cheaper cans, but those Beyers should be fairly good.

Then some music is just badly recorded and mastered. Even newer stuff.

Hey, can you tell us what’s your source (computer, motherboard) and what kind of files you are listening to? (youtube, 320kb mp3, CD or flac).

I am not aware of any headphone that breaks from use.

Many mainboards have auto-sensing to match the impedance of the connected headphone. That sens-feature may or may not work as intended.

Likely this.
You could get a headphone amplifier (Monolith Liquid Spark for example) and run it from your mainboard.

There are sliders on the underside of each earcup that can be opened or closed. Have you played around with those?

I have Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus which sounds really bad. It sounds weak even at the full volume.
But that’s 16 ohm and I guess the low impedance actually makes it hard to drive since it needs lots of current.

Maybe that’s the same case with the Studio.

idk bro but im using a $300-400 laptop so yeah…also i use youtube to listen to my music (I was thinking of paying yearly for tidal tho)

I only have one pair of headphones so… :sweat_smile:

ight thanks :+1:

I assume that budget laptop does not have a great integrated DAC. I think you would hugely benefit from a DAC + AMP. Also there is quite the difference in terms of soundquality
from youtube -> 320kb mp3 -> CD/flac/WAV.
I’d suggest getting a reasonably cheap FiiO E10K Olympus 2 DAC/Amp and try to find some CD quality music and see for yourself.

Your headphones are good and I think you’d be surprised listening to your favourite music with better amplification, a dedicated DAC and good soundfiles.
Music will sound muddy if you listen on youtube, especially with studio headphones imo.
The beyerdynamic custom studio are - as far as I’m aware - one of the better custom beyerdynamic for music.

You can return the amp if you’re not convinced.

Subscribing to a streaming service (the basic models all offer 320kb MP3) with a budget DAC/Amp
will be a big improvement. If you have amazon prime, their streaming service offers 320kb MP3 too.

and don’t convert youtube to 320kb mp3 with those converters, it’s just making things worse

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so it is naturally muddy? the headphones didnt degrade at all because i listen to 80-90% volume? hehe

Well, do you amp it properly by now? They won’t degrade, especially from listening on your budget laptop.
And if you say 80-90% volume that doesn’t mean anything if you really just use your laptop.