Audio products on

Anybody ever bought audio stuff on Was just just looking at their site and there is some audio products there… Its somewhat limited in selection but there are a few things

I currently have about $400 in store credit, and was thinking about one of the following:

  • Soundblaster X G6 mobile dac amp
  • Bose QC45
  • Audio Technica ATH AD900X
  • Blue Ella powered planar magnetic headphones (would need to shell out a few hundred extra)
  • Blue MixFi powered dynamic headphones

can you buy an amazon gift card or something?

Dont think so, actually I dont there are any, its just dell credit so computers or things on their site

Free money is the best money.
If you have the use for them the Bose makes some sense.
The Audio-Technica 700/900 open-backs are not bad.
The one you didn’t mention on here that is a quality product is Shure.
They have 440/840/1540/1840.

It really depends - what do you NEED?

I am thinking about maybe the SoundblasterX G6 - for gaming and work on my laptop, I have a number of headphones and good amp setup at home but could use something that can drive good headphones on my laptop and i can carry in the bag, and also has headphone and microphone input for calls too, mute function…