Audio products that you're looking forward to in 2021

1 I Really hope iFi have a new Pro iDSD or better still a Micro Pro now that would be awesome.
2 A Chord Hugo 3

These would be my New Year wishes :+1:


I’m looking to get an open-back set of cans from ZMF sometime in '21. Just need to save up a few dollars first.


Next Year :smile:


I want a micro iDSD with some fucking Bluetooth (or at least an add on to use it). It’s seriously ridiculous it wasn’t added into the signature that droped like a month ago IMO

Top 3 products on my wish list to acquire next year:

  1. Adam Audio A5x for my desk setup.
  2. Schiit Vidar for my listening room (2 of them, actually, so I can run monoblocks or bi-amp).
  3. Triangle Genese Trio or KEF LS50 Meta (I’m undecided between the two right now).

A quality IEM in the $150 range that has 1 dynamic and 2-3 BAs. With 2 modes - DD only and Hybrid. A switch that toggles it between a hybrid with all of them working [with crossover] and only the dynamic working [no crossover]. With excellent tuning in both modes. That can be cool

I hope I can stop spending money on transducers and start buying CDs. :^)

Also, I want to make my Schiit stack a tower with the SYS, Vali, and Loki.

Hmmm…GSX-mini. Or a Pass Labs XA30.5 - for headphone use :upside_down_face:

A used XA30.5 is only a bit more than the GSX-mini and I can use it on speakers as well.

The item I WISH for is HD600 and HD800s’ baby.

I really hope Sony will update their signature series line up, especially the WM1Z, although probably will never happen because one of the engineer said they don’t have a plan to add a new device for the coming 2 years.

I want stock to show up of existing products in Canada more than anything. But I want new budget Cavelli amps around $200-$300 price range

Hopefully I’II get a chance to listen to the VE Elysium and UM MEST at Canjam UK 2021 :man_shrugging: still have tickets rolling over from last year :grimacing: