Audio Rack I made from WW2 gun crate

Thought i would share few pix of my possibly insane diy project i made to hold my vinyl collection/turntable…


not bad
not a fan of the color or the images on it but i like the bookshelf setup and how it looks from the front.

Very nice what you did. But, really got confused how you setup the images. I thought the last image was the finish, which happened to be the WW2 crate how you got it. Lol.

Yes. Noted that as well. I def went from now to as found. Oops :grimacing:. Did not see a way to rearrange, pretty new here but ty.

Looked at turntable stands for months, either they were flimsy or expensive. This thing weighs a ton… And chose that color bc it was close as i could find to 1942 Russian green camo at Lowes😂



The last pic brings back memories, but it’s a bit frustrating that I can’t quite place them. Possibly just memories of shopping in army surplus stores.

But some of the earlier pix are a bit confusing. The last pic looks like it has a true-to-period matte finish, yet some of the previous pix seem to show a darker green with a gloss or semi-gloss finish and a delightfully anachronistic Stratocaster-ish silhouette. Are different sides finished differently?

Do you have any idea what wood it’s made from?

Yeah if u start at bottom it should be in reverese of when i found it tili got it home… it was used to ship mosin nagant rifles, i bought 2 for 20 bucks at army surplus store. Meant to be stored horizontally of course… I cut the lid up into pieces to make the shelves.

I am not sure of the wood, but being so old n so well used and not cared for during the life of shipping/handling it, i had to use bondo on the outsides, sand, then paint, then just threw glossy coat on it.


Nicely done!!!

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Good frugality. a nice wood audio shelf for 10$

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Reminds me of that bible scripture. “And they shall beat their weapon crates into audio racks”


Very nice work! :+1:

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looks awesome! well done. I have my dad’s old vietnam locker box…hmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Do the albums on the bottom serve as weight to keep it still?

Well, i put 4 stabilizer/leveller feet on bottom and it weighs like 70 lbs so that isn’t a huge issue; she is pretty solid. But it has to help with that as well. I hope someday to have enough vinyl to feel up at least one full shelf :thinking:

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