Audio-related Hacks

Anyone has a nice cool hack to share?

Let me start with my simple IEM hanger because I like my cables straight. Just a tape and paperclips.


that’s cute. can you give us a zoomed out picture to get a fuller idea?

Basically using paper clips or hair pins as cable holders. Pretty neat.

Sure here it is.


very nice. definitely NOT a solution if you have cats though. :wink:

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Haha that would require a far more sophisticated hack

Well it could be a nice toy for them while it lasts lol


Got one of these for cables:


show us deployment MF, show us deployment!

Plenty of shills and “audio related hacks” out there… lol

shills? what do you mean Greg?

People who let their relationship with and / or compensation by a company color their reviews, and are thusly not objective and can lead people into purchase decisions with inaccurate information.

Not saying Z, DMS, JV or any of these guys are, I trust them. But believe me, the shills are out there.

It is that thing with a few cables on it. Nothing worthy of a photo.

I have no clue how you’re relating shills to audio hacks; little tricks to maintain or solve our gear use / storage pain points. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Because the word “hack” has more than one meaning. That’s how.

Yeah if you go back and read between the lines, he made funny.