Audio Setup Improvement (Please Help!)

I am currently running the JDS Labs Atom and the Topping D30. My only pair of headphones are the Sennheiser x Massdrop HD6XX. I game all the time and I love listening to music too. Are there any upgrades I should make to this setup? I was considering grabbing the THX AAA 789 Balanced Amp but I am unsure what DAC to pair it with. (The SDAC?). Or I could buy the LCX + SDAC AMP/DAC and that would save some money. And I would pair that with the Argon MK3? Or I could grab the 58X Jubilee? Heard those sound more “open”. Relatively new to the audiophile community and would love some support on this. Thanks!

Personally I think you should grab a better headphone as I think that you have a pretty good amp and dac setup already. Since you have the 6xx, I think it may be redundant to grab a 58x. The argons could be something too look into if you like that sound. I think stepping into the 400-500 dollar range of headphones would yield the most improvement for the dollar

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I would just get better headphones for gaming cause honestly the 6xx sucks for gaming

or get a pair of headphones that excel for gaming, like the Cooler Master MH752’s…and then put the rest into really good headphones. :slight_smile:

Yeah, you could pick up a pair of ad700x for purely competitive gaming and than a more expensive music can along with your 6xx